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This will be a series of posts of things I find and have probably searched because I thought it was interesting…. I’m a nerd you know… they could be useful, they could be fun, they could also be pointless. Enjoy.

See how fast your internet is going.

Thanks to CNET. Mine was going above normal. Cox was right. Their internet is crazy fast! Haha.

100 Essential DL’s for XP
I don’t know how reliable these programs on here are, but some of the ones they listed I do use, such as Picasa, Firefox 2, Limewire, Google Web Accelerator, Yahoo! Messenger, Trillian, and SyncToy (effin great).

IE7 vs. Firefox2
I have chosen one already. It is never bad to try anything new! Firefox rocks…. I actually uninstalled my IE7 to go back to 6. In my opinion, it runs hella slow and nooo, it’s not my computer. And it is just broken. Besides, you get to add lots of extensions to Firefox2 to make all your own!

PS3 vs 360 Graphics
All that hype… and for what? The same stuff. Read about it.

How to maximize your iPod battery
It lasts only 500 charges, which they say is three years? I charge my iPod damn near everyday. This won’t last me long, but the crap keeps breakin` down anyways.

Ever wondered about HD-DVD? or Blu-ray?
Yeah, all that mumbo jumbo people were saying about the new technologies. PS3 has a blu-ray player, but who even knows that is going to take off.

CinemaNow, MovieLink, Vongo
All three are sites where you can purchase or rent download movies. You can find their reviews somewhere on the net. It turns out all of them are mediocre. Either they don’t have enough new movies, the prices are terrible, or the customer service is just weak. Won’t replace NetFlix… yet.
You know… I don’t know why people don’t like to read internet articles. You really are making yourself smarter. Trust. =)

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