Paper box and airplane, shortcuts, tallest man, etc.

Turn your fugly XP interface into Mac’s OS X
I don’t think XP’s interface is terrible, but it could be better. Can’t wait for Vista! In the meantime, do this…

Perfect paper airplane
Video tutorial on YouTube. Yet to try it, but I suuuure will.

Paper snack boxes
Definitely gonna have to try this. Sick and tired of washing all these damn dishes... only downfall, how clean are these…..?

100 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows
So effin’ tight. Thank God somebody finally made this. You will know some already and some are really simple, but still really useful.

Make pages load faster
No really… won’t cost you nothing. Just some tweaks you can do with IE and Fire Fox. So far for me, it works.

World’s tallest man is what… Asian?!
Represent. And ya`ll said we were short!!! Plus, he saved dolphins too.

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