Random Links .003

Concepts for Apple iPhone
Lots of concepts for the supposed iPhone that is suppose to come out. Can’t wait. Some of these designs are so tight…

Sales Circular
You know how you look through all the ads of the newspaper come Sunday to see if one has that one game for cheaper than another? Well… this is your solution. Go to Sales Circular and they basically do the work for you. Sales Circular>Select your state>Select item you are looking (monitor? DVD? flash memory? blank DVDs? camcorder?). Then, it tells you what product is on sale, for how much, and where…. all their date is compiled from all the weekly circulars. Not for groceries though, mainly electronics.

Job Predictor
Why am I even going to college if I’m just going to turn out to be a Litter Warden?

Guide to Self Storage
I`m such a pack rat that my small one bedroom apartment can’t hold all my stuff… So I have decided to get some storage. The price is not too much, I called a couple of places and they are about $30/month + start up fees. I am getting the smallest kind 5×5 (ft) because I just have a couple of boxes to store, no furniture or anything.

Mattel Toys Sale
It’s a couple days after Christmas so you know there is going to be a lot of sales! I bought about six toys, all under $10 bucks for my nieces and nephews for their upcoming birthdays. This will save me money in the long run! Go look! Cheap stuff. Free shipping for orders over $25 and NO TAX! I love me some Amazon.

I’ve been lied to all along

Read about why cracking your knuckles does not give you arthritis.

Software for Starving Students
A big pack of freeware especially for students. Lots of useful programs, but it’s a lot to download if you don’t have cable modem (675 MB). It includes programs such as 7-zip, Audacity, Firefox, etc. You can get these programs separately, but this is an all in one =). Go to the site and download either for Mac or PC.

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