GG Supported Download: xDrive

Recently purchased by AOL, a lot of people might be put off by this online storage software, but really, it’s pretty legit.

The basics:
5 GB of storage [not megabytes]
Drag & drop feature [w/ the download]
It’s free
Easy to use, interface is easy to understand
Shared folders to certain people
Not like photobucket, you can’t link to the files uploaded

What you need:
An AOL/AIM screen name for your free xDrive account. Get a free AOL/AIM screen name here.
Then sign on here.

What you should get:
Download the xDrive Desktop feature to enable drag and drop. Your xDrive space will show as a network drive. You don’t need it to use the software to use xDrive, but I find using xDrive Desktop is easier and faster because I don’t have to sign on everytime I want to put something on the xDrive.

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