Unbeweaveable hair for me!

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Jessica Simpson and hair stylist Ken Paves decided to make hairdo extensions for the modern woman, myself included, and of course I had to get them. Almost $100 when purchased from HSN.com (including shipping), but I think it was worth it… I bought another one just yesterday… the straight one. Like em? I know I do. =)

HairDo Box

As you can tell by the picture, my hair was quite short and I assure you it did not grow 10 inches in 2 months. Hair only grows 3/4 inch a month, regardless of what you put in it!



The extensions were surprisingly very easy to put in… easier than I thought. It is not for people with really thin hair because then the back will be all lumpy. The color I chose was dark brown, but there are 10 other colors. Good luck w/ yours if you buy them!

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