My Cranium addiction has been satisfied!

Ever since I played Cranium at Joseph & Erika’s house (on our vacation to Utah), I have wanted to get a copy for myself…. But, instead, I got the TURBO EDITION! Yayers! It is usually $35, but I got on eBay for about $25… isn’t that great? Brand new and sealed too!

Unlike the regular edition, there are Turbo Cards and no dice — the light up 4-pointed star does it all for you. You sometimes even get to choose what color activity you want to do! Batteries not included.

They even updated the moving pieces =) Much better than those block people. I haven’t played it in full yet, but hopefully I can get a game night crackin’ and it’ll be on!

I also got Pop 5, it is Cranium with a twist and with only pop culture questions and the performer gets to choose what activity they want to do— cameo, sculptorades, cloodle, letter line-up, or humdinger. This game is best for people that are afraid of looking entirely stupid in front of other people since there are not actual facts in it, just pop culture information from the past 20-30 years. You can play in big groups too. I purchased this at Amazon for $28 (free standard shipping over $25). Everyone loves this game!

Lastly, I got the two booster packs that were available. I got Booster Box 1 from and Booster Box 2 from an Amazon Marketplace Seller. The first box comes with 800 new cards. The second box comes with 800 more new cards and 4 jars of clay (which I heard dry up very quickly). They won’t cost you more than $20 each.

Some Cranium links…

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