Cleaning sucks, but my cousin is coming!

So, cleaning sucks. But, I had the people clean my carpet this morning (so fresh & actually so clean now) so I had to get everything fixed up. Plus, my bestest cousin in the world (KATHE) is coming over from California on Thursday — that’s tomorrow! And… for game night at my crib.

I’m also donating some clothes. It makes me sad. I really should donate more, but.. I can’t let go. I hate when you gain weight and then you look at your clothes and think Hmmmm, maybe I can fit this when I lose some weight… Then it just sits in your freaking closet forever. And, you know damn well when you do lose weight, you are gonna wanna buy new clothes.

Prentyce helped me even though he had to go to school today. Good boy =). He’s so great. He didn’t do more than me, but that’s okay. LOL =D He’s at school now, where as I am on spring break.

Maynnn… and I can’t even find my freaking keys… and I can’t look around because I can’t put anything on the floor because it’s wet… which means I CAN’T GO ANYWHERE! Booo.

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