Random Thoughts… .001

Carpet that has just been cleaned takes about 10 hours to completely dry, but it’s worth it. Next time though, have a plan… go somewhere right after they do it or go to sleep! It sucks to be awake, not able to find your car keys, be wide awake, and be stuck at home w/ wet carpet.

Schools sucks. I need to try harder. Two C’s this quarter. Mother-effer.

Game nights are so fun! But… I’m gonna try to not be so competitive… even though there are people that cheat.

Nick Cannon is falling off. Good thing he broke it up with Kim K. She’ll probably go back to Ray-J and make another adult film, which I saw by the way — no pee pee scene like R. Kell’s which means it was pretty much boring. I’m sure you can find a copy on the net. But, back to Nick, the same two Wild ‘n’ Out episodes have been showing on MTV the past three days and his hair looks terrible. Let’s hope his new show is good (April 5).

Did lots of cooking yesterday… well kinda. I made cupcakes! Yum. Startup for all the supplies isn’t too bad, about $15, but note that I did buy the cheapest ones at Wal-mart. I frosted and sprinkled them too! =)

Oh yes, I also tried to make buffalo chicken wings. Here’s the recipe (broil it for 5 minutes after instead of 1, this makes a whole lot crispier!). The weird thing was that I already had all the ingredients, except the wings. It was destined to be. When finished, they were a lil hot for my taste, but still good… Prentyce loved them and was mad I only made 20. I used Tyson chicken (the best) so it was really meaty. I’ll probably make them again next week.

Did you know that sex offenders take Depo-provera (a type of birth control given via a shot every 3 months or so) to lessen their sexual urges? Proof. I learned that on Law & Order last night. Oh boy, I love that show.

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