Random Thoughts… .002

That when you try to get a house, they check your savings account. Not if you just got one big lump sum in there from a separate source (such as a loan), but the history of it… like if it is growing. My brother suggests I put at lest $25 in there a month and that is what I am gonna do!

Supposedly, you can burn synthetic hair when it is at the ends of your cornrows. I might just go the safe route and boil the ends… I’m scared of fire.

T-mobile is coming out with a sorta new phone in the month of April. It will be dubbed the Sidekick ID, aka SKiD. It won’t have all the special features of the SK3, such as mp3 player, EDGE, camera, miniSD, etc., but will be mostly for AIM, email, and web browsing fanatics. I might get one just because it’s gonna be like $100 after rebates. Pretty cheap and comes in a wide variety of colors, even PINK! Read more about it here.

That you can make a 3D shape in Flash so easily with circles, gradient, and the gradient transform tool. I can’t wait to learn this damn program. My teacher for this class made these intro flash animations for some casinos here in Vegas and was paid at least $1,000 for each of them. He had a big time crunch too, but made about $30,000 in two months. HOLY CRAP! Hopefully, I can be as good as him one day. His website here.

That you get these nasty bumps on the back of your head when you have braids. Although I like braids, bumps are GROSS. My cousin did such a good job, but I had to take em out 5 days after. :::sad face::: (P.S. 1.5 days later, with some Vaseline, they are gone!)

I have to get back in my geisha costume from this past Halloween again on Monday. Doing a Kung Fu movie for my video editing class. Yessir! =) Only girl in a eight person group. What?!

I saw people play Beer Pong for the first time. I thought it would be more exciting. I didn’t see anyone puke. Booooooo!

Roberto’s makes pretty decent chimichangas. They are nice and big and crunchy! They put bell peppers on them, so if you don’t like that, then don’t add them — also, onions and tomatoes. A chimichanga combo is only $6.05+tax and comes with rice & beans. I like the chicken better, but I heard you can get a chicken AND beef chimichanga… Macayo’s has better presentation and it taste somewhat better, but you can’t beat the price at Roberto’s!

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