So many new phones… which is your pick?

Sidekick I.D. – set to launch on April 25 (from what I heard); only $99 with a two year contract; takes away all the useless features of the SK3, like bluetooth, miniSD, mp3 player (get an iPod people); no camera though, which is not totally useless; more from Engadget

Sidekick ID Yellow

iPhone – Apple promises it’ll be out by the end of June; they say it’s going to be $600 for the 8GB version, but who knows…; more from Apple

Apple iPhone

Google Switch – said to be confirmed that it is in the making, but is said to not be the iPhone killer; it’ll be out late ’07 or early ’08 (supposedly); here are some pics (supposedly)

Google Switch

I guess if I had a choice (no money, no problems), then I would choose the iPhone just because of the touch screen and it’s Apple-made — that means it’s gotta be good, right? Hmmm…

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