I got my tax refund already!

This year, I used Turbo Tax Deluxe to file my taxes (why pay H&R Block $50-200+ to do it?). Besides being just easy because the program just asks you simple questions (like a survey), most of the categories (like mortgage, TurboTax Deluxecar registration fees, child income, rentals and royalties, business income, IRA and Pension distributions, children, stocks, employee expenses, etc.) didn’t even apply to me! Plus, Nevada doesn’t require Nevada residents to file a State Tax, just Federal.

I e-filed my tax return (price is $17) on April 14, 2007 (three days before the deadline!) and once I did, the program estimates and lets you know the day you might get your money… , but they were exactly right this time with me! At midnight, I checked my checking account balance, and TADA! [Money in the bank, shorty what you drank?] It took them officially less than two weeks to take my return, go through it, and send me my refund.

Just wanted to let you know Turbo Tax is a good product and that you should NOT be paying those damn H&R Block people to do something so simple for you! (Unless you have a really big business or something like that.) I swear, It took me less than 30 minutes. Moreover, the product is reusable in the same year… so you’re whole family/group of friends can use it. So, pretend that 5 people are gonna file with TurboTax, I got it for $40 on Amazon — that’s only $8 to file your taxes (e-file costs $17, but you can print it & use snail mail)! You have to put in a little work, but it’s for damn sure not $200 worth of work.

Sadly, with all these monies, I am going to pay off my credit cards… not all of ’em, but I still don’t plan on getting anything new, like a Mac =(… oh well. Next time…

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