Hawaii… damn near the best trip ever!

Wow people… Hawaii was everything I needed! It was so great! Water was perfect, weather was on point, food was delicious… life was so good for those nine (was it 10?) days… we went to the beach damn near everyday and I came out with a damn good tan even though I didn’t mean to. We did so many things on this trip… We went snorkeling and I saw lots of cool fish and even two turtles, one was really big too, like two feet long! Our visit to the Aloha swap meet, where I probably spent close to $150, was super! Shopping there was at its finest, even though the 4-story Ala Moana Mall was nice too. The hotel we stayed at was decent — some crazy nights there, lol. I met a new friend (hey Chris!) and bonded with the ones I already. All in all… it was so worth all the money I spent. I got a lot of souvenirs, but I just feel like keeping them all… sorry. I am so lucky that I got to experience Hawaii better than any other tourist because Nicole was a local. THANK YOU NICOLE! I LOVE YOU! Mahalo. Aloha. Shee-shee. Hehe.

Hawaii 07 - At Nicole’s BBQ


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