One surprise after another? I love ya`ll

Ever feel super duper loved? I have… especially for the past two days and my birthday isn’t even for another two days. On Friday night at work, all my lovely coworkers (the ones I like) kept asking me when I was going to lunch,… odd right? Anyways, they had a surprise potluck for me! We had food, drinks, and a big birthday cake! Thanks to everyone that contributed…

Then on Saturday… I went to my parents’ house because they said they were going swimming. I got there and my Ate Camille & family were there. Then, I started swimming and all my family showed up, that’s like 30+ people, bringing all this food to celebrate my birthday… HOW SWEET! I swam for like 5 hours straight and had so much fun. I love my fam bam!

And… it’s not even my birthday yet. Yay.

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