Fantasy football is getting serious

Football and Flag

Man, I didn’t think I would be this into Fantasy Football with my coworkers. As a rookie though, I think I’m doing alright. I lost once, won twice, and about to get another win this week against my own flesh & blood, my sister. I feel bad for beating her, but she doesn’t even really care — lol.

Our league is on Yahoo! and I just bought the Stat Tracker… I just couldn’t wait anymore to check my score! It was only $10, so not too bad. That’s like $1 a week for the remaining weeks. As of right now, I’m losing by 50 points but I still haven’t played my QB (Eli Manning) and my WR (Chad Johnson)… they should do pretty well. Wish me luck! *crosses fingers*

One thought on “Fantasy football is getting serious

  1. My leauge is also on Yahoo. I’m balling though. I’m currently 3-0 and I hope I can keep it up. I also have Chad Johnson. Let’s hope that Ocho Cinco has a great game for the sake of both of us.

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