An Amazin Volunteer in Philippines… Wow

I found this website when I was looking for an Ilongo translation of a word.


Malcolm Roy Travena


Malcolm Roy Trevena is a global volunteer and is a part of the GVN (Global Volunteer Network). He actually went to the Philippines and volunteered as a teacher on my island (Panay) and very near where I am from, Iloilo. He even went to Ghana and Uganda, both in Africa.

I thought his stories were so fascinating. It brought back a lot of memories to read his stories and see his photos. I wish I could go back home now, but I will have to wait until July. Malcolm even wrote about how he did his farewell speech in Ilongo. Impressive, I thought.

I even learned new information about Philippines…

Dog killing
I learned that locals can hunt and bring dogs to the pound. If no one claims the dog for three days, they place it in a gas chamber. With this post, Malcolm got a lot of negative emails. People were calling him evil and claiming that they would ‘piss on his existence.’ I don’t know if he saw this coming, but he then had to explain that many dogs in the Philippines don’t get their vaccinations, thus transferring rabies to anything/anyone they bite. He couldn’t have said it any better than me: “The aim of the project was to save human lives and if that involves some cruelty to the dogs, then I am all for it.

I sent him an email to show my gratitude for his efforts in volunteering. I told him I grew up in Iloilo and to see that he volunteered there made me happy.

Thank you to all those that volunteer.

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