An nine year old’s YouTube profile

Nikkirosety knows me. Im really bored at this time. I love nigahiga videos. I have japanese friends. and this may be really boring. but i got 3 words for ya. I Dont Care. I go on club penguin all the name is mary rose 10 on club penguin if you see me its your lucky day! well not really. If you want to email me my email adress is

That is my niece Mary Rose’s [Nikki Rose, you get it?] profile description on YouTube. Oh my darn… it makes me laugh. Especially the “I Dont Care” part. I can’t believe she is only nine! I am not able to see her, so the only place we connect is online. My brother Eric, her dad, is stationed in Japan and they have been living there for about two years. The entire family, including her Mom and baby sister, probably won’t be back until two years from now, possibly longer! =( Totally sucks, but life is life.

See you soon, my rosey posey!

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