Nikki’s Best Dance Crew: SoReal Cru

I was watching the casting special of America’s Best Dance Crew and I have to say the best crew so far, in my opinion, is the SoReal Cru from the South. The worst? Sass x7, who claims they aren’t cheerleaders but did a toe-touch during their routine. Puh-lease!!! I was really hoping Randy Jackson would actually watch the show and fire Lil Mama for her stupid and useless commentary, but he didn’t. I’m a little upset about that (and you should be too), but this will cheer you up.

*Update: MTV stinks, no just kidding. But, they did pull a lot of SoReal Cru’s videos off of YouTube.
No fretting though, MTV has plenty of videos on their website. Click here.

5 thoughts on “Nikki’s Best Dance Crew: SoReal Cru

  1. so real was the best cru on there they kicked ass no lie is so real cru till i die super crew is nuthen next to so real. i lov you so real keep ur head up put them haters bhind

  2. wait up sista if super crew iznt nothin nxt 2 so real y did so real cru losed 2 super crew fare nsquare so u betta shut up all u talkerz

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