It’s been 2 weeks…

Sooo… Two weeks ago I was in an ambulance headed to the Spring Valley Hospital emergency department, where I stayed for about 7 hours and got diagnosed with a lumbar sprain.

Since then, life has been (to say the least) different. I haven’t put on make-up, done my hair, driven a car, or have been to work the past 2 weeks. For some of the days, I only got out of bed just to use the restroom. I was am still miserable.

I’m drugged up and feeling a lot better as the days progress though. My brain and hands are still functional, so I lay in bed and read on my iPad or… well that’s mostly about it. I’m trying to make the most of this time off, but it’s hard when you can’t access your own bedroom because it’s atop a flight of stairs.

My big brother’s house has a downstairs bedroom and that’s where I have relocated. It’s super convenient b/c the bathroom and kitchen are so near. They have been super accommodating and I am so lucky to have them. I’ll be definitely taking my nieces & nephews out for all the tasks I make them do for me, i.e. pick that up please, get me water please, turn off the light please, etc. I’m so glad I have family.

I’m hopeful in that I’ll get better because I am making progress. The scary part is that the doctor told me that once you injure your lower back, it is very easy to re-injure (<- Is that a word?) it.  I was in shock… I don’t want to go through this again ever. So while this process may take a while, hopefully not too long; I hope that it heals well so that I’ll be back better than ever… I try to stay positive most of the time, but I have definitely cried myself to sleep some nights.

Pray for me? Thanks.


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