(un)Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone, except right now, it doesn’t feel very happy. Halloween is so different this year compared to how I have celebrated it the past six years. In what ways, you may ask?

  • Parents & the Lee fam were still in America
  • I had a perfectly working back
  • We would be having a huge party with awesome decorations & games & lots of food
  • My splendid costume would be ready to go
  • My spirits would be as high as a kite

To make matters worse, as of right now, I am costume-less. Due to me being basically handicapped the past 2 weeks, I have done nothing Halloweeny. I have thought of some lazy easy costume ideas though, i.e. zombie, nerd, secret agent, etc., but still… none of them have gotten me excited about celebrating what used to be my #2 favorite holiday (Christmas is my #1 favorite).

My nieces and nephews are still at school right now. Hopefully I’ll be in a better mood by the time they are let out, so that I won’t get the “Killjoy Award”. (I just thought of that.)

Excuse me while I take my pain meds followed by a shot of candy corn.

Have a very happy Halloween.


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