5 Things: Cyber Monday Awesomeness + Deals

There’s less than 12 hours left of Cyber Monday, just in case you didn’t make out well on Black Friday. Personally, I prefer Cyber Monday, but to each his/her own. Here are the 5 reasons why Cyber Monday is absolutely awesome!

1. Save on gas
Not having to drive to the store is great, especially since it hurts so bad to walk still. Plus, less chances for a car accident! I haven’t purchased gas for my car in more than 2 months and the tank is still practically full! That’s a savings of $200+. Think of how much money you would save if you didn’t have to drive anywhere?! (Not really happy about not being able to drive anywhere, but I have to look at the positives!)

2. No waiting in line
About two years ago, Pretyce and I were in line at Target on Black Friday. It was cold, sad, and worrisome. You had to be on guard so that these other em-effers wouldn’t cut you in line. I hated that! Check out this photo from the People of Walmart. It’s madness!

3. Gets bigger every year
With the increase of online shopping, many retailers are choosing to participate in the Cyber Monday bonanza. Check this article by the San Francisco Chronicle, which states that Cyber Monday sales are up 15% in comparison to last year . More retailers means more competition which means more savings!!!

4. Storewide discounts and free shipping with no minimums
Looking at the sales online today, I noticed that many online retailers were offering such awesome deals! Additionally, the abundance of free shipping promos has risen compared to last year (in my experience). Free shipping are two of world wide web’s most beautiful words!

5. Here’s a list of the deals I liked:
Wet Seal – Free shipping (no minimum) & 40% off your entire order
Living Social deals – I got the OfficeMax $10 for $20
Apple.com – Free shipping (no minimum) until 12/22
Kohls.com – Free shipping & 20% off your entire order (Coupon Code: CYBER20)

I only have a few people left to check off my Christmas list! Isn’t that great? I just hope I am well enough by Christmas Eve to wrap all the gifts.

Good luck on your holiday shopping! Are you almost finished or not even close?

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