Christmas Photocards & Last Minute Shopping

For some reason, I want to send out Christmas/holiday cards this year. It might be my recent obsession with stationery, all this free time I have, or the fact that being engaged makes me want to do a million projects.

Here are photos from the past three Christmases of Prentyce and me.

Photos edited with iOS apps: Diptic, LabelBox, and PhotoTreats 
(Yes, I used all three apps per pic.)

I think we look pretty gosh darn sexy, but you might beg differ. My favorite thing about all three of these photos is that our poses are so similar. I also absolutely love that Mr. Albright has gained weight since 2008. Doesn’t he look scrumptious great?

We have yet to take our picture this year due to the fact that Christmas Eve has not arrived (only 6 more days!). If it is tasteful, I’ll be definitely sending it out to a few friends and some of my our relatives.

But for now, I have bigger things to worry about, like finding gifts for my big brothers. Boys are so hard to shop for! You can buy girls just about anything, i.e. lip glosses, lotions, nail polishes, make-up palettes, cosmetic bags, tops, shoes, etc. What are you supposed to get boys? Tools? Ehh. Shirts? I get them this every year, but I hate being so repetitive. Gadgets? I’m too poor. Ahhhh… I need another Christmas miracle in the next 6 days.

What’s the first Christmas miracle, you ask? I am feeling so much better! I haven’t had a muscle spasm in 2 weeks and I can walk around without getting fatigued. The physical therapy exercises really helped a lot. I continue to do them twice daily. Prentyce keeps reminding me to slow down though and not rush myself to health. It’s so hard to sit idle and while I have forgotten at times, nothing bad has happened yet. I am asking Santa for more progress and long-lasting health for me and everyone I know. I hope he comes through for me.

I probably won’t update again until after Christmas, but I’m wishing you and yours a very happy holiday! Don’t forget to spread peace, love, and joy.

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