Christmas 2011 Recap

Christmas was bittersweet this year. I really missed my parents and my sister’s family, since they are now living in Philippines. There were also less presents under the tree, but we were all together, and that is what is most important.

Every single gift I got was so great. I got some new flats, an awesome eyeshadow palette, a manicure kit, a much needed pedicure kit, and a portable iPhone/iPod speaker. I told Prentyce not to buy me anything for Christmas. He has already spent so much money on me this year that it’s almost embarrassing. Thank you for all my gifts family, during Christmas and throughout the year.

Christmas mass was nice. We went right before the party and had to leave an hour early to guarantee seats. The lesson the priest spoke of was about how someone asked him, “How come there’s never something new for Christmas mass? Why isn’t there a new scripture? Or story?” He told us to enjoy the things we already have. We do not always need something new to be happy. I cannot express how true that message is, regardless of what religion you follow or don’t follow. Every holiday season, we are all so eager to get that new iPad or to buy that blouse on sale. This Christmas was the first Christmas that I didn’t ask for anything except for my health, so that I could go back to work and back to school. I have never wanted anything more…

This Christmas was different for me for a lot of reasons, but I know everything happens for a reason. To end, here is my family’s Christmas photo. Can you find Prentyce? : )


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