The Power of Antibiotic Ointment


I got this cut early in 2011 from myself. Yeah, super embarrassing. It was even worse telling people! I couldn’t blame it on the curling iron.

I was leaning my face on my hand at the edge of my bed. My hand slid across the bed and my face simultaneously went downward. Thus, causing my dagger sharp thumbnail to scrape into my skin. I actually found a sliver of skin in my thumbnail afterward. Eww.

Besides looking like I had spit on my forehead for about a week, this ordeal wasn’t too bad. I used Target brand antibiotic ointment and cleaned up the cut 2-3 times a day. I didn’t cover it with a bandage because it wasn’t likely probably wasn’t going to hit anything and reopen. And, cuts heal faster if they are open to air. Just don’t forget the antibiotic ointment, generic or not. I can’t even see the scar now.

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