5 Things: Social Networks I’m Active In

Yelp | http://nikkirosety.yelp.com/
I use Yelp for business reviews. They are most useful for restaurant reviews, but I have used them for doctor and auto shop reviews. I needed my brakes fixed a while ago and I used Yelp to find an awesome auto shop. The owner was friendly and I definitely paid for quality work. The iPhone app is also very user-friendly. Use it and don’t forget to add me! : )

I am an avid Facebooker and I am proud of it. I love being able to share photos and spread positivity on Facebook! I love ‘liking’ peoples’ statuses and congratulating/encouraging them. Furthermore, being that almost all of my cousins from both sides of my family are in the Philippines, it’s a great way to connect. I do not add people I do not know personally on Facebook though since I post many personal photos.

Twitter | http://twitter.com/nikkirosety
I don’t want to fill up everyone’s timeline on Facebook with every single thought that fills my head, so that is why I use Twitter. I update Twitter almost every day and on some days, quite a few times. I check-in (via Yelp) on Twitter a lot more also. Furthermore, I share link to news articles, post what I’m doing/eating, retweet quotes, etc. Follow me @nikkirosety.

Instagram | nikkirosety
It used to be only for iPhone users, but recently, Instagram was made available on Android; Furthermore, it was recently purchased by Facebook, even though it will be developed separately from Facebook. (Good, right? I don’t want them integrated!) I think it’s a great resource for looking at others’ creative sides. I use other photo editing apps on my iPhone/iPad and then transfer into Instagram. Instagram, though, still has great filters and features all its own. Let’s get creative!

Pinterest | http://pinterest.com/nikkirosety/
I love Pinterest! It is so awesome to share ideas via photos. I have boards (where you put your pins), and some are specific and some aren’t. My two favorite boards right now are my wedding ideas board and my for the home board. Another thing I like about Pinterest is that I can find other people with similar interests. Currently, you still need an invitation to access Pinterest.

Well now that you know how to stalk, feel free! : ) See you on the web!

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