I got into nursing school!

I’m sorry to be updating you so late my loyal blog readers… all two of you. Haha.

I applied to the UNLV School of Nursing BSN Program in June of this year for the first time ever. I had all my prerequisites completed with a great GPA. Also, I made the Dean’s Honor Roll during my first full-time semester at UNLV. (I took a summer class in 2011.) The School of Nursing application process is based on a points system; I applied with 100 points. That is not the max, but it is close to the top. We were told at the ‘signing session’ (AKA official application day) mid-June that we would know by July 15 if we would either be accepted or rejected denied.

I first received a phone call while on my trip in Tucson, AZ and then received my official letter of acceptance the following week.

I can’t explain to you how very excited I am to have been accepted. Quite a few people have told me that UNLV has a really challenging nursing program. But, I honestly would not have it any other way because I want to be a knowledgeable nurse and hopefully go further.

Tomorrow is my contract signing, where we pay for our background check, drug screening, and red UNLV nursing scrubs. As for now, please start praying for me! The next 16 months is going to be B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!


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