What’s been going on the past 18 months?



Hi there loyal blog fans. There were two of you last time. I think there might be zero now. Haha! : ) I don’t know what you guys have been up to, but for me, it has been awesome, stressful, fun, crazy, and absolutely phenomenal. I didn’t blog because during my free time because I spent it actually resting and trying to enjoy myself. Not that blogging isn’t fun, but it is a lot of work. (I make tons of typos! Some that I don’t find until months later…)

The past 18 months, I do have to say, have been the most life-changing 18 months of my life. That seems a bit dramatic, but it’s true!

9/2013: Started nursing school
12/2013: Moved into our very first home!
4/2013: My parents came back from the Philippines
5/2013: Housewarming party
5/2013: I got a brand new car!
12/2013: Graduated nursing school

New house, new car, new bachelor’s degree… I think it’s safe to say it has been pretty cray cray, right? I told you; I wasn’t joking! Plus, I can’t even tell you how nuts I was during nursing school trying to survive: passing all the tests, spending weekends studying, all the hours in hospital clinicals, etc. But, the final story is that I survived it all — and I’m better than ever! There are lots of people to thank for my wonderful life, but they know who they are. I’m so blessed!

I hope my 2 loyal blog fans come back now and forgive me for my absence seeing as how life was so hectic the past 18 months. I hope to write more and I hope the next 18 months are even better. Happy New Year!

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