NCLEX-RN: Actual Test Day

pearsonvue test center map

I drove to the Pearson Vue test center the day before my exam. I even parked, got on the elevator, and found the exact floor and room. I did it the day before instead of a week before because I didn’t want too many changes to occur that would alter my path, e.g. new construction.

The location in Las Vegas is not hard to find (due to the great directions provided by Pearson Vue, which I failed to read so I got lost), but I still didn’t like that the parking is underground and that it is near the Las Vegas Strip. Don’t forget to bring cash for parking, which at a max, is $10 per day. I suggest bringing cash; I was told they can take cards, but I haven’t tested that out myself.

Don’t forget to go through the NCLEX online tutorial the day before the exam. You will need to do it on a Windows computer (or one that opens .exe files). It was helpful to do this, so you know how the exam will look and how to maneuver it. Doing this decreased my anxiety. Find it here on Pearson Vue.

I woke up early and made my self a hearty breakfast. I had eggs, rice, and bacon. Delicious, right? This might not be the best breakfast for you, but this is what I like to eat.

I wore comfortable jeans (not the tight ones you wear to make your butt look nice), a tank top, a long-sleeve top over it, and my UNLV School of Nursing zip-up sweater. I brought my ATT (which you no longer need to bring; they didn’t even ask for it), my driver’s license, bottled water (with the label removed), and snacks (rice cakes, granola bar). I also had a hair-tie on my wrist. Bracelets are not allowed, so I put the hair tie in my hair (which I was planning to do anyway).

I arrived one hour before my 8:00 AM appointment so that I could avoid traffic and sit in my car to do some last minute reviewing before the exam. I reviewed test-taking strategies and lab values.

On the way up, I ran into two older gentlemen. I got on the elevator with them. It was quiet for some time, but I guess I looked friendly, so they asked if I was there for a test. I replied, “Yes, the NCLEX for nursing.” They asked if I had planned on staying in Las Vegas to be a nurse and I replied that I had planned to. They both wished me luck and told me to look at their faces, so that I would remember to take good care of them if they were ever my patients one day. I told them I would.

I was inside the test center by 7:30 AM to check-in and to use the restroom. My mouth started getting dry right before I was about to enter; luckily, there’s cups and a water dispenser right in the waiting area.

My test stopped at 75 questions. It took me 2 hours to do those 75 questions. I was hoping for this since it took me so long to do just 75 questions; it would’ve been hard to do 265 since I was already getting fatigued.  I did not have to take a break since I finished before the 2 hours, which is when you would get your first break.

I raised my hand when I was finished. I left the test feeling excited. I did not feel like I failed and I felt happy that I got 75 questions.


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