NCLEX-RN: After Test Day

A few of my nursing friends and I at the Nevada State Board turning in our applications.

A few of my nursing friends and I at the Nevada State Board turning in our applications.

After the exam, I did the Pearson Vue trick (AKA PVT) in my car while still in the parking garage. I just couldn’t wait! If you don’t know about this trick, please search the forums on A lot of people have gotten good results when they have gotten the “good pop-up”. Although, I have read that a “bad pop-up” does not necessarily mean that you did not pass. (It even worked on my iPhone. Check the screenshot of the pop-up below.) I checked it about 5 more times until I got my results.

PVT Pop-up

The PVT pop-up on my iPhone after going home & rechecking AGAIN.

I am sooooo satisfied with the Nevada State Board of Nursing. The day after my NCLEX, which was a Friday, I saw that a temporary license posted for me on their website. I texted my nursing friends, nurses I knew, and a previous professor to for their input regarding this ‘temporary’ license. I called both their Las Vegas and Reno offices and asked them to clarify what this meant. They said that I needed to send in my transcript and that then it would become a permanent license. I asked both the women I spoke to if this meant I had passed the test and they told me yes. After I got off the phone, I screamed at the top of my lungs with excitement. I called and texted my family & friends to share the good news.

Just a side note — this transcript issue could have been easily avoided. I sent my transcript too early. For the Nevada State Board of Nursing, your degree must be posted on your transcript for them to accept it. I mistakenly sent it when all the grades went through, not when my degree posted. The Monday following my test, I went to UNLV’s Enrollment Services, got my transcript (spending another $10), and dropped off my transcript to the board. It took them less than 24 hours to post my permanent license! Super fast, right?! I was amazed too. I think they are very awesome.

Nevertheless, that is the last step of school. I passed the NCLEX-RN and now I’m on to finding a job. Wish me luck!

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