5ive List: Best Events of 2013

The last one of these I did was in 2011! So much has happened, since then. (Please see my life update blog post if you’d like to know!)

1. Mom and Dad are back from the Philippines!
I don’t tell all my secrets to my parents, but gosh, I loooooove spending time with them. My parents just love me and I’m so lucky to have them. Since they’ve been back, we have spent so much time together. My mom has been sewing for me, cooking up a storm, and she even taught Prentyce and I how to cook sinigang a few weeks ago. My dad is back making us all laugh, especially when he teases Prentyce and I about our past. I hope they don’t ever move back to the Philippines!


2. Our Housewarming Party was so very warm!
This was the first big event we threw at our house. We also had a super fun Super Bowl in February, but it definitely wasn’t as big as our housewarming. We had family come in from California; it was so sweet they would travel all this way. My Tita Nene also came to America with my parents and was here for the housewarming. We had international guests! Ha! There were over 50 people in our 3,000 sq. ft. home. Yikes! Thanks to everyone for not complaining, it felt a little tight. People are so nice to us, we got such wonderful, wonderful gifts. The weird part was that so many items were left in our house after the party, including a pair of sneakers, an iPhone charger, and a Bluetooth earpiece.



3. Living Together
December 2013 marked 12 months of living together. It has been a little crazy, but I think we have adjusted really well. It was much, much better than the time we moved out when we were 19 years old. Can you say scream nightmare? Anyway, now, in our late 20’s, we know our roles in the house and I like that. I cook and do dishes and Prentyce does a lot of the other manly things that I don’t even want to touch. His aunt says we are very typical in that I try to make sure dinner is always ready (as just one example), but I actually love being able to do that. Is that weird in these times? Check the photo of us at my graduation below.



4. I graduated from college!
UNLV’s Winter Commencement was suuuuper long (approximately four hours), but I enjoyed every single minute of it. I love that I got to wear the red gown and my bedazzled cap. The crazy part was that while we were lining up to enter the Thomas & Mack Center, a fellow graduate had a seizure right next to us. I was turned in the opposite direction when I suddenly heard a thud and felt the ground vibrate. I said out loud, “Is she having a seizure?” and her friend, standing next to us, replied, “Yes.” I felt bad for the graduate since everyone was staring at her in a vulnerable moment, so I eventually stopped staring as the School of Nursing staff came to her aid. Anyway — as far as the ceremony, no famous people were there to speak. It’s always the spring, not the winter, commencements that are lucky and get the famous speakers. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the ceremony and cherished every applause.



5. Nursing Pinning Ceremony Day
This is honestly the day that I felt like I could conquer the world. I accomplished something big and my family was there to witness it. Not only did I graduate from UNLV’s School of Nursing, but I was also presented with the Leadership in Nursing award. I didn’t know I was going to receive it, but if there was an award that I could choose to receive, it would be this one. My parents and family were super proud. I cried during one of the speeches, but thankfully, my makeup did not get messed up. My graduation party was also the same day. This was a life-changing day!



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