2014 Project 365: January


Project 365 is always a fun photo project. I did a photo for every single day in 2012 and I’m back at it. This time, though, I’ll include a short description of each day’s image.

  1. My family and I on a trip to Mt. Charleston
  2. Daddy’s photo from when he was younger; we were looking at his college transcripts
  3. Chillin’ in the loft with my laptop next to me
  4. Studyin’ for the NCLEX-RN
  5. Papa John’s pizza – half & half
  6. Duck face selfie
  7. Lab values for NCLEX
  8. Painted my nails & took a photo of my ring
  9. NCLEX day breakfast
  10. The calendar on my wall that was my NCLEX-RN countdown
  11. My sisters, Mom, and I at my niece’s party
  12. A funny photo that my friend Jodie sent me
  13. Desserts from M Resort’s Studio B buffet
  14. Painting my toenails
  15. Oreo cookies
  16. Palabok, a Filipino dish, that Mommy made
  17. Index card with notes
  18. Me posing with a cracked open coconut
  19. Homemade burgers
  20. My bestie
  21. Brandon’s shirt; we kept calling him Sharkeisha that day
  22. Remote controls, MacBook, & iPad
  23. Homemade broiled pork
  24. Dinner from Island Flavor
  25. Brayden’s 2nd birthday party
  26. Homemade sweet potatoes fries
  27. Asparagus with bacon from our ABC Potluck
  28. Red velvet pancakes from Baby Stacks Cafe
  29. Watching my mom-in-law’s celebration of life video
  30. Old notes from my pediatrics nursing class
  31. Ingredients for yemas, a Filipino dessert

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