My DIY Disney Celebration Buttons!

I got the idea for creating my own Disney celebration buttons while browsing through Instagram. The best part after that was finding free templates on Then, it was on like Donkey Kong!

These *FREE* templates are so great. They make it so easy to make your own celebration buttons if you have some basic Photoshop skills. There are two ways to go about it once you have your design: you can get them officially made via a website like or OR you can print it out and put it in a blank button holder. There are small and large blank ones available at Michaels that are not too expensive. I chose to have them made by because I wanted them to look more professional.

Before I tell you about my Disney buttons, I made two specifically for Universal Studios.

We loved the Ant-Man movie, so I made this one. I got the idea from an Instagram user named @wickedandco. She sells some very cool pins if you don’t want to make your own. Unfortunately, Ant-man does not meet at Marvel Superheroes Island in Universal Studios. ☹️

My favorite part of Universal Studios was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. So of course, #squadgoals.

The Goofy Movie is one of our favorite movies. Seriously, if you have not watched it, I don’t know what’s wrong with you or maybe you were born after 2000. The songs in this movie are so great. I listen to them even now that I’m 30. This is the Goofy button I designed and ordered. I attempted to make a Powerline badge, the musical group in the Goofy movie, but I couldn’t find a good image to use. Sorry, I couldn’t find this one to take a pic of. 🙁

I don’t watch scary movies, but I do like Disney villains. They are so badass. #squadgoals

I’ve liked Winnie the Pooh for a long time so I made this one.

I made a ‘Just Married’ badge featuring Carl and Ellie from the movie Up. This button didn’t get as many compliments as the honeymoon button that was customized with our picture on it. I now wish I would have made another one saying newlyweds with our photo.

Lastly, my most favorite badge that I made was our honeymoon badge. We did go on our honeymoon pretty late, but we did have to recoup from all that wedding spending we did. The best part about this badge is that it has a picture of us from the wedding! I wish I would have made a different kind with the picture of us facing forward, but people still figured out it was us.


1. Wear them always! We got some pretty cool and free things with our Honeymooners one, especially at Universal Studios. We got told about special tours, we got to cut in line, and we got extra butter beers – just to name a few! Everyone has buttons at Disney World – I think we got more free stuff at Universal Studios because not as many people wear buttons. The biggest gift we got was the special treatment in the Wizarding World, that included a free Harry Potter custom video, custom Harry Potter badges, and printed photos!

2. They are great conversation starters, both with employees and other park-goers. We made some friends in line and on rides!

3. If you want to wear multiple ones, get a lanyard. If you get Photo Connect at Universal Studios, you will get a free lanyard, but only one. You have to pay $5 for the other one. Or, if you are smart, you will just bring one from home and remember to put it in your park touring bag. But, I don’t recommend wearing more than two. This will give people too much to read and won’t know what to say to you! We wore a lot during the first few days and slowly dwindled it down.

4. Don’t forget the free buttons you can get from theme park guest services. We got the following buttons: first visit, happily ever after, etc. Sometimes, when you are just walking down Main Street in Magic Kingdom in the morning, they will just give them out. You can also get some from the concierge at your WDW Hotel. If you want multiple copies of one, just don’t wear yours and ask for another. Don’t feel bad about getting more than one, they are Disney World, they won’t run out and you’ve already spent thousands and thousands of dollars.

5. Lastly, I advise you to get custom ones! They are sooooo cool. ?

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