5 Must Have Baby Travel Products

5 Must Have Baby Travel Products

The advice I have in this blog post is meant for those that are traveling abroad. You can use some of these tips if you’re flying domestically in the United States, but here just a few facts about my trip, so you can get an idea of what we used these things for.

We traveled for a total of about 24 days. That included two days total of travel time. We had two 12 hour flights, two 4 hour flights, and two 1 hour flights. We also rode boats and we were passengers in the car a lot. We had over seven different hotel stays. Our destination was the Philippines (and multiple islands within). It is a lot more modern now compared to when I visited in 2008, but sadly, they still don’t have Amazon Prime Now delivery. (They did have a Starbucks on every corner in Manila, or so it seemed.) We had to bring all of Nikko‘s diapers, formula, and other necessities with us (which took a lot of careful planning).

Here are my five product recommendations for making travel with a baby easier.

Boppy pillow

I really didn’t use this anywhere other than on the airplane. We were in the air for approximately 34 hours total, so this was vital even though we didn’t use it during the rest of the trip. He slept on the Boppy so comfortably! Plus, it was comfortable for us too. I purchased a body pillow cover to put over it because I knew it would get dirty. Using a body pillow cover was a cheap alternative to buying another specific Boppy cover. Side note, I never even registered for one of these, but now I adore this thing and find it so useful for him to just relax on. Thanks to my coworker Maria!

5 Must Have Baby Travel Products

Infant carrier

Most of the places we traveled, besides the mall, were not stroller-friendly. Plus, Nikko hates being in the stroller anyway, and it was so much easier just to carry him on us. Plus, he also napped a lot better and faster this way. I have the SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by LILLEbaby – The COMPLETE All Seasons and I love it so much! It really has good lower back support and I appreciate that since Nikko is getting so heavy! I also clipped teethers to the carrier so that they would be on hand for Nikko to grab.

5 Must Have Baby Travel Products


Kiinde feeding system

The system is a dream when you’re traveling. Along with the Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags, I was able to limit the amount of washing I had to do. Although it wasn’t the most eco-friendly solution, it was super convenient. I would pre-fill the pouches with formula (6 oz worth) and just added distilled water when it was feeding time. I brought about 8 nipples with me and two shells. As far as the pouches, I brought 160 of the 8 oz. ones, but I didn’t end up using them all. I estimated how many bottles he used per day and based it on that. They sell the Kiinde starter kit, and if you like it, you can buy all the extras.

The formula we are using for Nikko right now is the Nutramigen formula. This is made by Enfamil and it mixes so well and so fast. It is not clumpy at all. If we were using his old formula, made by Kirkland Signature, it would’ve been a lot harder to mix formula on the go. I recommend that if you’re going to travel, choose a more expensive formula that mixes easy while you’re on the trip and if your baby allows you to switch. Also, if you’re breastfeeding, you win and you don’t have to worry about any of this crap!

I used the Oxo travel drying rack for when I washed and dried the Kiinde nipples.

5 Must Have Baby Travel Products


I was lucky enough to have brought all the snacks I needed for the trip. They did not have any baby-friendly teething wafers in the Philippines (I even checked at SM). I think that is because they usually just feed their baby what they are eating. I did find some cereal, but it was very hard, not easy to chew, and I was too afraid to give it to Nikko after I had purchased it. He was only six months when we went on the trip, so the teething wafers that we used were these ones by Happy Baby.

Lotus Travel Crib by Guava Family

I purchased this product because I kept seeing it on social media. I finally went to read the reviews and ended up choosing it because of all that I read and because it had a 30 day return policy when I ordered directly from the manufacturer. (BTW, if you order from Amazon they now offer free returns on this product as of 9/21/2017). I ended up loving this product so much. I mainly use it to contain him; I put a bunch of toys in there, no pillows or blankets, and I let him play. This helped a lot when the hubby and I had to get ready.

He slept in it 70% of the time while we were on vacation. We only had about three or four rest days, and on those rest days, he did take his naps in here. Depending on how well he slept earlier and throughout the day, he was able to sleep in here at night too. One tip when using this, make sure to put a cover on top (as long as your baby can’t reach & pull it down) to make it darker in there.

It came in handy the first week we got back from vacation too. I was trying to get him used to sleeping by himself in his room again. So, I would lie down on the floor right next to it. At times, I would open up the zipper and be in there halfway with him.

5 Must Have Baby Travel Products

That’s it! Those are my recommendations, I hope you found that useful. If you have any other questions, please leave a comment!

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