Summer road tripping w/ two kiddos!

I didn’t think we were going to get that much done on our summer bucket list this year because we were having Tytan in the beginning of June. But, I surprisingly felt so much better this time that we made it out to San Diego for my niece’s graduation! The boys’ first road trip was a success. Here are all the deets! Can you believe Tytan was only 11 days old?

On the way there

Left at: 6:00 pm

Stop: 8:10 pm ~65 minutes @ McDonalds parking lot

Arrived: 11:50 pm

On the way home (Happy Father’s Day)

Left at: 9:00 am

Stop: 10:50 am ~45 minutes @McDonalds parking lot

Arrived: 1440


Tytan slept most of the time. He was awake maybe 30 minutes altogether both ways. He cried maybe 10 minutes on the way and 10 minutes on the way back. We were so lucky!

Nikko slept 75% of both drives. On the way to SD, we left at Nikko’s bedtime and on the way back to Vegas, we left at the start of his first nap time. I was worried he wouldn’t sleep because I was in the back with him (usually I never sit there). But, I just pretended to be asleep and he got the picture.

I sat in the back between both boys, just in case Tytan needed anything. Our Toyota Tundra has lots of space so it was perfect. I brought my neck pillow also. I slept once for an hour on the way back to Vegas because my head was hurting and it seemed to help it. I also used my manual breast pump once each way, it was quiet and it did not disturb the boys.


We gave Nikko McDonalds chicken nuggets and fries at the stops. (Parents of the year, right?! Woohoo!) He loved it. We let him stretch his legs too. Tytan breastfed and got formula at the stops, along with a diaper change. We put Nikko in an overnight diaper and we put disposable pads (similar to doggy pee pads) in both of their car seats. Nikko peed through his diaper, but his car seat was all good because the doggy pee pad caught it all! Thanks to my sis Lyn Lyn for this tip! Prentyce and I also ate at McDonalds and on the stop back to Vegas, we got Starbucks.


We had drinks, directions via the in-car GPS, phone chargers, and everything the boys would need. We had small blankets to cover Tytan’s car seat and Nikko’s window to block lights and make it distraction-free. We also had the Brica pull-down window shades installed in the back windows to prevent extra light/heat from getting in the car (thanks for the gift Ali R.). We also packed a ton of snacks, but I didn’t give Nikko any of them since he was either sleeping or eating fries.


It did take some convincing on my husband’s end to bring TWO kids to another state via a long drive, but we all really enjoyed ourselves. There were some challenges, of course, breastfeeding at the beach (Tytan probably ingested some sand) and sleeping in one room with BOTH kids praying they didn’t wake each other. Prentyce got to paddleboard and kayak, so I’m glad he got to do something fun for Father’s Day weekend. My family was really helpful and accommodating, as always, cause they are the best. I don’t know how much more we are going to be able to do, but good luck on your summer adventures y’all!

My nieces Chriselle and Christine vlogged the trip! Please check out their YouTube video.

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