Top 5 Regrets for our Disneyland Toddler Trip

The single factor that changed the theme park game for us was having a kid! We used to fly through theme parks getting stuff done with not a care in the world. Life is different now. And on this trip, we had a 13 month old and I was 25 weeks pregnant.

1. I did not bring any fruits for Nikko, which caused me to spend almost $10 in fruit, I really should have prepped that stuff early and brought it because I could’ve spent that money on another two churros!

2. I did not bring enough sodas or liquids. A 20 ounce Sprite was four dollars. Can you believe it? I could buy 12 cans of soda with that money and that is frustrating. It would’ve been sucky to carry it, but I should have bought at least brought three or four. I also forgot to bring a ton of bottled water. I had enough for Nikko, but I did not have enough for the two adults. I know, you can get a refill from anywhere in the park, but I am picky. I did remember to bring one can of my favorite drink while pregnant: Pepsi. Disneyland soda is provided by Coca Cola.

3. I wish we would have done more character meet and greets instead of rides. We only met one character and that was Minnie. We kind of got to meet Mickey Mouse, but by the time we got to the front of the short line, Nikko was asleep on our shoulders. He enjoyed meeting Minnie Mouse though.

4. I wished that I would have planned out our dining more. I knew what we wanted to eat and I knew what snacks we were going to get, but meals were hard to plan around rides/naps and I didn’t think about where to sit with lugging the stroller around, etc. Maybe for next time, I’ll get a dining reservation or two.

5. I wish we would have done a two-day stay, instead of just one day, but that is all time would allow. It definitely would be nice to not have to feel rushed. Going to the parks with children is a lot different than what we were used to, I am less ride focused and walk more leisurely. I probably would do three days, if I could, because then I would utilize the third morning to ride any of the ones we missed or focus just on character meet & greets.

Overall, it was such an amazing trip. We got so many amazing pictures that I will cherish forever. Thanks Manang Lucille for your Time & help! This was Nikko’s sibling-moon as I’m sure most of his future Disneyland trips will always be with his little brother. The more the merrier, right? See you on the next trip!

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