Remembering when we were seniors in H.S.

For senior year, I made a photo slideshow to show during the senior assembly… it was a great success. Some people were mad they didn’t get in the video, but I didn’t care. We had an announcement every morning over the intercom to turn in pictures/email pictures and only two people did… was I suppose to force you to give me pics? It wasn’t my fault you didn’t pay attention to the dang announcement. And, then they would say dumb stuff like, “You and your friends are the only ones in the slideshow.” and then I would say “Well me and my friends is all I have pictures of!” Anyways… I had to put it in 3 parts to fit on YouTube (10 min max, it’s a 23 min video). Nonetheless, time to reminisce.


* Please note that YouTube may have taken the videos down due to copyright song infringement. Sorry.