So many new phones… which is your pick?

Sidekick I.D. – set to launch on April 25 (from what I heard); only $99 with a two year contract; takes away all the useless features of the SK3, like bluetooth, miniSD, mp3 player (get an iPod people); no camera though, which is not totally useless; more from Engadget

Sidekick ID Yellow

iPhone – Apple promises it’ll be out by the end of June; they say it’s going to be $600 for the 8GB version, but who knows…; more from Apple

Apple iPhone

Google Switch – said to be confirmed that it is in the making, but is said to not be the iPhone killer; it’ll be out late ’07 or early ’08 (supposedly); here are some pics (supposedly)

Google Switch

I guess if I had a choice (no money, no problems), then I would choose the iPhone just because of the touch screen and it’s Apple-made — that means it’s gotta be good, right? Hmmm…

The Nokia 7610 dies young and pretty

So my Nokia 7610 decided that it wants to start dying on me throughout the day and during my phone calls… and since I didn’t register the damn thing, the one year warranty is not valid… It was $400 when I bought it and 9 months later, it’s a piece of caca. I just bought a 512 MB RS-MMC card and pink face plate for it too! Oh, the irony.

I ordered the Nokia 6131 from Saberpoint on eBay. It ended up costing me about $50 less than if I would have purchased it from Amazon ($280 w/ no free extras) . I should be getting it either today or tomorrow =) I’m so excited.