GG Supported Download: xDrive

Recently purchased by AOL, a lot of people might be put off by this online storage software, but really, it’s pretty legit.

The basics:
5 GB of storage [not megabytes]
Drag & drop feature [w/ the download]
It’s free
Easy to use, interface is easy to understand
Shared folders to certain people
Not like photobucket, you can’t link to the files uploaded

What you need:
An AOL/AIM screen name for your free xDrive account. Get a free AOL/AIM screen name here.
Then sign on here.

What you should get:
Download the xDrive Desktop feature to enable drag and drop. Your xDrive space will show as a network drive. You don’t need it to use the software to use xDrive, but I find using xDrive Desktop is easier and faster because I don’t have to sign on everytime I want to put something on the xDrive.

Bringing back the Nintendo

So my boyfriend could not stop talking about this game called Mike Tyson Punch Out. It was on the old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). So… to make him not mad at me anymore (I bought something for myself that he was supposedly gonna get for me on Christmas), I tried to find a way to bring back his childhood days…

Mike Tyson Punch Out Screenshot

First off, if you don’t know how old school these games are, here is a video from YouTube of the Mike Tyson Punch Out game.

To get things rolling, you will need an emulator. This is just basically a program that allows the computer to act like that operating system or in our instance, a gaming system. With some research, Nestopia is the one most favored and I find it is very easy to use.

* Information & Download HERE

Installation is very, very easy. Just download the .zip to the desktop and extract it into a new folder named Nestopia (preferably in C:Program Files). Once finished, click the icon that looks like an NES and WALA! You have your NES right on the computer.

Now… for some games. If you are searching for games online, they are called ‘roms‘. Since we are strictly working with the NES, our search would be for nes roms. Luckily for you, I did all the work.

* All the NES roms you could ever want (about 800) HERE

Some favorites….
Mike Tyson Punch Out
Tecmo Bowl
Jordan vs Bird One on One
Wheel of Fortune
Hello Kitty
(all downloads courteous of The Old Computer Dot Com, same link as above)

Finally, running a game via Nestopia is so easy!!! Just File>Open. Once you click on the zip that the NES rom is located in, it will automatically load that game.

The only downfall is that at first, you will not know what buttons are ‘enter’, ‘left’, ‘right, etc. You’ll figure it out. They are always a combo between ‘shift’, ‘enter’, ‘the period’, and ‘comma’. Also, you may get an error saying it might be a bad game, just keep playing. Games have worked fine even when they had a warning.

There are also other emulators, like for the N64, Game Cube, and Playstation. I even read that you can get an NES emulator to run on a PSP.
Who knew? Happy gaming.