Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving this year was at Grandpa’s house. It was a very bittersweet Thanksgiving because my sister-in-law Ammarrette was not there in physical form. It will have been the first major holiday she would not be here for. Every Thanksgiving, she would always make her brothers’ favorite foods, like German chocolate cake and macaroni and cheese. She always would make collard greens for me, she knew they were my favorite. We didn’t have any of those foods this year. 

After we blessed the food, Prentyce asked everyone to say something they were thankful for this year. It was a really nice activity that I think we should do every year. Our brother-in-law Steve, Ammarrette’s husband, cried during this part and it made me cry. I don’t know what I would do if I lost Prentyce. I can’t still imagine what he is going through. They say that the holidays are the hardest for me how lost someone. I bet that is probably true.

Thanksgiving 2015 #ProjectLife

We came early to help Joyce and Grandpa prepare for the guests. Prentyce had to read up on how to fry a turkey and that was fun for him learning how to do something new. I think we might have to get a turkey fryer. It cooked the turkey so fast! I also had to learn how to cook yams on the fly. And surprisingly, it actually wasn’t very hard and everybody said they liked it! Yay! I told Prentyce I am still refusing to host Thanksgiving until I get a kitchen with double ovens! Ha!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And, I’m sorry this post is so late. I feel like I’m just finally getting my life back together after our honeymoon and the holidays. Better late than never, right? 

Thanksgiving 2015 #ProjectLife

An nine year old’s YouTube profile

Nikkirosety knows me. Im really bored at this time. I love nigahiga videos. I have japanese friends. and this may be really boring. but i got 3 words for ya. I Dont Care. I go on club penguin all the name is mary rose 10 on club penguin if you see me its your lucky day! well not really. If you want to email me my email adress is

That is my niece Mary Rose’s [Nikki Rose, you get it?] profile description on YouTube. Oh my darn… it makes me laugh. Especially the “I Dont Care” part. I can’t believe she is only nine! I am not able to see her, so the only place we connect is online. My brother Eric, her dad, is stationed in Japan and they have been living there for about two years. The entire family, including her Mom and baby sister, probably won’t be back until two years from now, possibly longer! =( Totally sucks, but life is life.

See you soon, my rosey posey!

Knotts Berry Farm… the coolest rides ever!

Knotts Family Photo 2007

So after about a week and half back from Hawaii, a family trip was due to California and you know we had to go to at least one theme park. Knotts Berry Farm was really cool. I’m so mad I didn’t get to ride all the rides, but the ones I did ride were so fun! They had some really unique ones, especially Rip Tide (watch clip). The Perilous Plunge was a really short ride, but so worth the wait! You get so soaked! The best ride though was the Super Scream! It is like 200+ feet up and it drops you down at like 50 mph. The best rush of my life…. It was even funner with family there! They even invited Princess (Prentyce)! We got really great pictures from the trip from the park photographers.

As for the theme park, you definitely need two days to enjoy it all and I haven’t heard of this park closing down so I’m definitely planning a trip for next year. A lot of people say that Six Flags is better, and although it is really fun there because of the big adult rides, it is always so busy and most of the rides are roller coasters… everytime I go, I only get to ride like 4 rides the entire day! Anyways, what a fun trip. I’m actually still in California blogging this and probably won’t be coming back ever… hehe, just kidding.

Cleaning sucks, but my cousin is coming!

So, cleaning sucks. But, I had the people clean my carpet this morning (so fresh & actually so clean now) so I had to get everything fixed up. Plus, my bestest cousin in the world (KATHE) is coming over from California on Thursday — that’s tomorrow! And… for game night at my crib.

I’m also donating some clothes. It makes me sad. I really should donate more, but.. I can’t let go. I hate when you gain weight and then you look at your clothes and think Hmmmm, maybe I can fit this when I lose some weight… Then it just sits in your freaking closet forever. And, you know damn well when you do lose weight, you are gonna wanna buy new clothes.

Prentyce helped me even though he had to go to school today. Good boy =). He’s so great. He didn’t do more than me, but that’s okay. LOL =D He’s at school now, where as I am on spring break.

Maynnn… and I can’t even find my freaking keys… and I can’t look around because I can’t put anything on the floor because it’s wet… which means I CAN’T GO ANYWHERE! Booo.