My first digital scrapbook page…

Ever since spam from Scrapblog, I have been researching this whole digital scrapbooking thing. It is such a huge and beautiful business! I love it =) Plus, it doesn’t cost as much as regular scrapbooking. Yay.

Here is my first design.

Elements: by Milla Design “Surf’s Up”.

Rest in peace Tito

(Photo credit: Marley Magno)

Dear Tito,

I don’t know what to say now that you are gone. I can’t believe I just saw you a few weeks ago and after the funeral, I won’t get to anymore. I know we weren’t that close… I’m sorry I didn’t make more of an effort… and that I didn’t call you on your birthday some years… and that we didn’t spend much time together. I know you went through some hard times and you are my hero for going through all the pain, I don’t know if I could have done the same. I promise I’ll be there for Kathe and Marley and Tita. Rest in peace. Til we meet again.



One surprise after another? I love ya`ll

Ever feel super duper loved? I have… especially for the past two days and my birthday isn’t even for another two days. On Friday night at work, all my lovely coworkers (the ones I like) kept asking me when I was going to lunch,… odd right? Anyways, they had a surprise potluck for me! We had food, drinks, and a big birthday cake! Thanks to everyone that contributed…

Then on Saturday… I went to my parents’ house because they said they were going swimming. I got there and my Ate Camille & family were there. Then, I started swimming and all my family showed up, that’s like 30+ people, bringing all this food to celebrate my birthday… HOW SWEET! I swam for like 5 hours straight and had so much fun. I love my fam bam!

And… it’s not even my birthday yet. Yay.

No sleepover for another week, sorry guys!

Tell me how much this sucks… the damn tile people aren’t done with the grout so I have to change the moving day (of the furniture) to next Saturday… HOW SUPER FLIPPIN` LAME IS THAT?!  So… no sleepovers or parties or hang out time at the new crib.

What pisses me off is that they’ll be done by like Wednesday, but my brother can’t help me until Saturday. The only positive thing I can see coming from this is me not paying the rent for the month of July since I basically won’t be living there the entire month, but at least it will be ready the week before I leave for Hawaii (if that’s even going down). Just thought I would vent. It’s hard having your own place!

Hawaii… maybe here I come?

So I’ve been basically having the most stressful two weeks of LIFE. So much relationship drama has been happening and it is SO NOT what I am use to. My lovely Nicole is going to Hawaii in two weeks… and since I’ve never eva eva eva  been there, I really, really want to go. So I can go if I pay like $250 round trip, pretty cheap right? But… my only problem is days off because we are going to be gone like 10 days! Isn’t that amazing? School is no problem, I can do my online class and my teachers aren’t super lame… even though I haven’t met them all. But… this is like a once in a lifetime chance! Should I do it?