He’s bad, he’s bad… You know it!

Karaoke series continued! Sorry this is so late (about two months), but it just had to be added. This was probably the funniest karaoke performance I have ever seen, seriously. Anthony makes a great entertainer; just watch the video!

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

For Prentyce’s 21st birthday, I threw him a surprise party. It was super fun and all the best friends came and stayed to hang. We ate, played games, and sang happy birthday. But, the funnest part was karaoke!

I didn’t think Jeremy would even do one song, but he did quite a few. This is his first and best song. He actually scored the highest out of everyone. This is a first of my karaoke series.

Thanks again to everyone that came to celebrate. And no worries, your karaoke video will be on YouTube soon too! =) Haha!

Now you know I love Lil` Wayne, but…

Lil Wayne and Babe Laughing

So Lil Wayne put out some new mixtapes where he addresses the fact that he does kiss Baby on the mouth. Previous article and pics here. What’s crazy is, that even when people saw those first pics of them kissing, people still listened to his music. Now, you know if 50 Cent were to kiss Lloyd Banks in the mouth — I think their careers would be over faster than they could say g-g-g-g-g-g-unit, not that they don’t already deserve to be. But, watch the video. Short and sweet, but funny as heck.

Click here to watch the video. (Sorry, can’t embed flash files.)

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