Depotting LA Colors Eyeshadows

If you don’t depot, are you human? Just kidding, but seriously. Depotting is for makeup freaks/hoarders/organizers. There’s a plethora of information about it (how to do it, when to do it, how often to do it) on YouTube and other blogs, I’m just here to show off my work.

These LA Colors eyeshadows are cheap, but are still very pigmented. I especially love the glitter versions of these eyeshadows. LA Colors has been stepping up their game lately too, especially with their lipsticks. I can’t remember where I purchased these eyeshadows since it’s been so long, but they don’t retail in any stores in Las Vegas that I’ve seen/remember. I’m pretty sure I got them at the swap meet or in the L.A. Fashion District.


Empty 15 mm x 26 mm palette

Nevertheless, I got my empty 15 mm x 26 mm palette from here on eBay. (I also use Z Palette’s magnetic palettes, but they are pricier.)

Darice magnets

I use magnet sheets made by Darice. You can find them at Michaels and sometimes Walmart.

This are the aftermath leftovers of my depotting in all its glory.

If you don’t depot, you should start!!! Have fun.

Better file your taxes today…

Taxes are due TODAY people, you better file on time… or at least ask for an extension. It is an amazement to me that people wait this long to file taxes… Ha, just kidding. I’m lazy too sometimes and will do much of anything to procrastinate. I think I had Turbo Tax on hand for about a month before I even installed it..

But, any who… I can’t believe that people who have very simple taxes (one job, don’t own a a property, have some kids) choose NOT to do taxes on their own using software like Turbo Tax. It really makes me want to ask them, “What are you afraid of?” Especially since you have to pay more to have someone at H&R Block do it for you. On the other hand, Turbo Tax costs $40 and the whole family can use it (+$20 for the e-file). Also, if you don’t want to pay for the software, the free edition is available online

Hopefully I can sway you to save money by using Turbo Tax. Here are 10 reasons I like Turbo Tax Deluxe.

  1. Transfer information from your last year’s tax return, which means less stuff to fill out
  2. Ability to e-file (for a fee); no need to print and bring to the post office
  3. Ability to save tax return as .pdf
  4. Step by step; walks you through your entire form w/ yes and no questions
  5. Thorough, easy to understand information
  6. Decides what form you need to fill out for you
  7. Ability to see how your tax return numbers compare to others in America
  8. Helps you file an extension (but I never needed to)
  9. More than one person can use Turbo Tax to file their taxes (separate e-files applies)
  10. Windows and Mac compatible

A new Canon and I’m ready to shoot!

Canon SD1000

My Olympus camera was about 2 and half years old so I had to get rid of it. It was way too buggy: (1) battery dying too quickly, (2) taking pictures took forever, (3) XD cards cost more and would corrupt every time I put it in a reader – lost 100+ photos this way, and (4) it was so bulky.

I opted for a Canon branded camera for a couple of reasons: (1) I have a Canon camcorder (ZR850), (2) great reviews, (3) affordable.

I bought the camera from Amazon so I could make use of my Prime membership ($75/year), plus it was cheaper there too. At a local Best Buy, it would have been $15 more plus tax. Amazon doesn’t charge tax!!!

Canon SD1000: $167
Kingston SD: $25
Lenmar extra battery: $14


  • Lightweight
  • Small (fits in my tight jean pockets)
  • SD cards (so cheap to buy, $25 for Kingston 4GB)
  • Long lasting battery
  • Color swap, color accent shooting modes
  • Different shooting modes 
  • Shoots video w/ 3 different settings
  • Battery charges in 1 hour 30 mins (not that long)
  • Easy to use interface
  • Rechargeable battery only $15 or less (Lenmar)
  • Interface is not sluggish at all
  • Buttons are not hard to reach/find
  • Start-up is less than 2 seconds
  • 7.1 MP is more than enough
  • Viewfinder (great for conserving battery life)


  • Runs on a rechargeable battery, not AAs
  • Battery doesn’t charge in 15 mins like AAs
  • Movies come out in .AVI, not .MOV
  • Would not sync to my Mac (Leopard OS), had to buy SD card reader
  • 30 fps at 640×480 video mode takes up a lot of SD space

Now I can make my own ‘home videos’

Canon ZR850 - 1

I got my first camcorder about two weeks ago, a Canon ZR850. It is a miniDV camcorder instead of a hard drive camera (never ever DVD for me) for two reasons: (1) the price (like a $175+ difference) and (2) the brand.

As of right now, Canon does not offer any hard drive cameras, but Sony, JVC, and Panasonic already do. I really like the Canon ZR Series because it is really affordable. With the 2-year replacement warranty, it cost me a little over $360 for the camera. I also purchased some miniDV tapes though ($13 for five tapes — any brand will do), a Belkin firewire cable (to transfer the tape to the computer, camera didn’t come with it — that was $14), and a Samsung camcorder bag (which fits my Olympus camera essentials as well! — got it at Wal-mart for $18).

I first taped me and Babe at home doing absolutely nothing, but then taped Prentyce’s championship game with UFB. The video quality was surprisingly good (no HD, but it’ll work since I don’t have an HD television), but I was lucky to have good lighting that day. The zooming worked great (35x?!); there are three zoom speeds you can choose from. I chose the middle one, not too fast or slow. The camcorder was easy to hold, but my hand started cramping up after a while… maybe it was just excitement? The battery that came with the camcorder lasts you about 45-60 minutes, I suggest getting the BP-2L14 battery, (get the original if you can, but the generic ones cost about $30 less) which is said to last about 3 hours but will cost you $55 from Amazon. The menus were easy to understand, I could easily find a lot of stuff, most of which you just set one time and forget. You need an SD card if you want to take still shots. Although they aren’t that good, nice to have! Some reviews said the camera had some sort of “humming”, but I didn’t hear it indoors or out. It was easy to import video, you can use Windows Movie Maker to capture or any type of video editing program. I use Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 (it costs about $80 on Amazon) and Final Cut Pro (this is like $1000, but I use it at school).

I think I don’t have that many complaints because it is my first camcorder, but I think it was a good first choice. I’ll get the more expensive one later when I’m a video editing genius, but since I’m only starting out, I’ll stick with this. Don’t expect great things when you don’t pay a hefty price — especially with electronics! Overall, good camera for the price! I love it.

ThankYou Network… I’m rich b*tch!

Finally received my first ThankYou member reward a couple of days ago! It only took 3 weeks to get here even though customer service told me it would take 6-8 weeks (felt like rebate status for a minute). Anyways… I got the Target $100 Gift Card, with a cute lil doggy sitting in a car on it. It took 10,000 ThankYou points to get that! When I used it at Target today, I only got one thing because I was afraid of getting bamboozled at the counter (maybe the card wouldn’t work? who knows, these things happen!). It was a Target brand (ghetto) bottle of Tylenol ‘cos this one heffer I love is giving me a major headache. 

The point system is really easy to break down. I don’t understand why people would ever retrieve their ThankYou points for merchandise on the site. The isht doesn’t add up and you would be wasting money when you can get it cheaper somewhere else. Might as well get you a gift card! There are even gas cards, but they don’t have one for Chevron so I got Target instead.

Other things you can get…

  • Check to pay your student loan (up to $100)
  • Blockbuster cards for rentals
  • Other retailer gift cards for Macy’s, Nike, Footlocker, Gap, etc.
  • Phone cards
  • Dining gift cards (Quiznos, Panera Bread, Starbucks, Chili’s, Applebee’s, etc.)
  • Best Buy, Comp USA, and Circuit City gift cards
  • Even statement credit


The gift cards come in increments of $10, $15, $25, $50, and $100, $250 I’ve seen some gift cards for like $500 but not at anywhere you would go (and I just know).