My Nokia 7610 is back in action!

Nokia 7610

The most expensive phone I have ever purchased at $400… probably because it’s unlocked, is back from the dead. For a while, I thought it was broken since it wasn’t turning on, but I guess the battery had completely died out and I had to wait some minutes until I could turn it on.

I missed the Symbian OS. I think I still like Windows Mobile 5 better just because of the tweaks and availability of freeware, but this isn’t so bad. It is hard getting back used to the keyboard of the 7610, but it is all in good fun.

I added so many programs today, probably like 20+. Most of them freeware, but a lot of the paid programs I downloaded came with keygens.

Still though, can’t wait to get my MDA.

Damn effing iPod… not again

As you know… or maybe you don’t… my iPod is having issues again! This time it is the battery. Ugh… I can just never get a good one, huh? This is like the third time this thing has broken, but anyways… Good news, Best Buy has a pretty legit warranty that I had purchased and Geek Squad is handling it right now :-]… But, one really cool thing (I thought so anyways) is that at the Geek Squad website, you can check the status of your order with just your (1.) service order # and (2.) your zip code. Until then… I’ll be patiently waiting.

An official gold digger

Yessirrrr. I finally got my new lover phone, the gold Razr V3xx. It is very sexy, I must say so myself. The camera is definitely an upgrade from the old Razrs (faster and cleaner image), but the menus have mostly stayed the same. I don’t like the T9 on it as much as on the Nokia’s, but I can work with it. I thought I could beat out the battery problem since I got a new phone… but, no. My battery still needs recharging at least two times a day! This reeks of fart, but I’m gonna get an extra battery and a car charger… hopefully before I leave for Hawaii! Anyways… Razrs are so old school now, but ehhh… mine is fire.

I need a new phone… again

My Nokia 6131 is a really good phone, but it just keeps dying on me! I don’t know if it’s me or the phone, but damn it… it is getting really irritating because I just upped my cell phone plan to unlimited text messaging and I can’t use it. I definitely need to get a new phone before I leave for Hawaii though, I don’t wanna be somewhere and get lost and have to sleep on the beach until I’m found by big, sexy Hawaiian men.

But, good news, I’m available for an upgrade with AT&T cell phone and I’m thinking of getting the gold Razr V3xx. The phone has definitely upgraded since I had it almost three years ago (1+ MP camera, microSD slot, 60MB internal memory — it was 5 MB when I had it). I haven’t fully decided yet, but I can’t order it right now anyway, the damn AT&T site is trippin.

Motorola Razr V3xx