Hawaii… damn near the best trip ever!

Wow people… Hawaii was everything I needed! It was so great! Water was perfect, weather was on point, food was delicious… life was so good for those nine (was it 10?) days… we went to the beach damn near everyday and I came out with a damn good tan even though I didn’t mean to. We did so many things on this trip… We went snorkeling and I saw lots of cool fish and even two turtles, one was really big too, like two feet long! Our visit to the Aloha swap meet, where I probably spent close to $150, was super! Shopping there was at its finest, even though the 4-story Ala Moana Mall was nice too. The hotel we stayed at was decent — some crazy nights there, lol. I met a new friend (hey Chris!) and bonded with the ones I already. All in all… it was so worth all the money I spent. I got a lot of souvenirs, but I just feel like keeping them all… sorry. I am so lucky that I got to experience Hawaii better than any other tourist because Nicole was a local. THANK YOU NICOLE! I LOVE YOU! Mahalo. Aloha. Shee-shee. Hehe.

Hawaii 07 - At Nicole’s BBQ


Hawaii… maybe here I come?

So I’ve been basically having the most stressful two weeks of LIFE. So much relationship drama has been happening and it is SO NOT what I am use to. My lovely Nicole is going to Hawaii in two weeks… and since I’ve never eva eva eva  been there, I really, really want to go. So I can go if I pay like $250 round trip, pretty cheap right? But… my only problem is days off because we are going to be gone like 10 days! Isn’t that amazing? School is no problem, I can do my online class and my teachers aren’t super lame… even though I haven’t met them all. But… this is like a once in a lifetime chance! Should I do it?

Six Flags is closing…

… Or so we (people at work) have heard so you know we had to go this year! This work trip was pretty fun. Not everyone went because not everyone was invited (thank God). But, sadly, some people didn’t even stay the entire time! Nonetheless, we had fun. Group tickets for 10+ people were only $22.50 and we got Flash Passes (speeds you up to the front of the line) for $20 (four passes only).

We all drove there, me and Prentyce in his car following Cedric, Bridget, and Carol. We didn’t really make any stops except to see the other group at Barstow. We went straight to our rooms at the Santa Clarita Motel ($71/night—I got a $3 discount because of my AAA membership). They were pretty nice. Our rooms were on the first floor, easy access! Small, but cozy place. We got the handicapped room. We got a really big bathroom. We all shared rooms because the place ran out of rooms (could you believe it? — I think it is because the people that own the place give the rooms to their family members.)

We ate at Popeye’s (the best chicken joint ever). Went to the mall. We played board games later that night and everyone got kind of hostileeven though they didn’t want to admit it. Mark’s brother Raul is good at Cranium… I’m so jealous! Teehee =) We tried playing Cranium Turbo Edition, but those mofo’s were complaining it was too hard. Can you believe that? Whatever. We also played Scattergories, Jenga, and Taboo.


  • Parking costs $15 per car! Carpool to the park.
  • The best ride was X
  • Tatsu, their newest ride, wasn’t that great, but still worth riding
  • Decent meal for one person, $10
  • Get a souvenir cup, it’s worth it, plus $1 refills all day
  • It’s not worth spending $5 a shot for a stupid stuffed animal
  • Play the guess your age/weight game. They don’t check your license and their weighing scale is off by 20 pounds plus
  • Caramel apples are so good! 2/$5
  • They sell funnel cakes, but the lines are so long! Get in there early
  • You can’t bring any food into the park, unless you have an infant or young child
  • Metal detectors — don’t bring any guns/knives/etc. you delinquents!
  • Lockers are $0.50-$1.00; but there are places on the ground where you can put your stuff before you get on the ride
  • Waiting times for the lines were between 1-2 hoursget a Flash Pass
  • Eat before you get into the park, food is expensive
  • A colored caricature will run you $36/couple

Any-who, we had loads of fun and are planning a trip for later in the year again. Hopefully it won’t be closed?!

Salt Lake City, here we come


My boyfriend’s birthday celebration & our two year anniversary
Cost: $466 (just the airfare)
When: February 22nd to when we want to come back! (Just kidding. Monday.)

Supposed things you can do in Salt Lake City…

  1. Visit the church (it’s huge!)
  2. See where the Utah Jazz practice/play
  3. Go to Trolley Square, where that crazy gunman just started shooting everyone recently
  4. Skiing
  5. Snowboarding
  6. Sledding
  7. Other miscellaneous snow stuff

Informational websites for when you want to visit!

We’ll see! I’m so excited. This will be Prentyce’s first plane ride EVER. Mine without my parents (eek!) I was going to tell him the day of the flight, but he had so many things planned for his b-day, I didn’t want to upset him! So I told him two days before =) He was so happy.