What’s been going on the past 18 months?



Hi there loyal blog fans. There were two of you last time. I think there might be zero now. Haha! : ) I don’t know what you guys have been up to, but for me, it has been awesome, stressful, fun, crazy, and absolutely phenomenal. I didn’t blog because during my free time because I spent it actually resting and trying to enjoy myself. Not that blogging isn’t fun, but it is a lot of work. (I make tons of typos! Some that I don’t find until months later…)

The past 18 months, I do have to say, have been the most life-changing 18 months of my life. That seems a bit dramatic, but it’s true!

9/2013: Started nursing school
12/2013: Moved into our very first home!
4/2013: My parents came back from the Philippines
5/2013: Housewarming party
5/2013: I got a brand new car!
12/2013: Graduated nursing school

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5 Things: I’m Looking Forward To This Summer


House Hunting
I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am that Prentyce and I are moving back in together (again) soon, if we find a house to call our own. I’m hoping everything pans out and we do not get any unnecessary headaches from this. We are property virgins after all! I just want to find a house we love that does not have too many unfixable issues — is that too much to ask? I actually think it is, especially since we don’t have a million dollar budget!

No School
I have taken all the classes I need to apply for the BSN program at UNLV’s Nursing School. We shall see how it goes… I apply in June and should start in late August IF, IF, IF I get into the program. I heard it was very hard to get in and that it is even harder to stay in! How scary! Nonetheless, I’m going to enjoy this summer of freedom.

More Working
I have a really great job; I wish everyone were as lucky as me. During this past semester, I worked only 1-2 days per week. We will see how much that paid off once I get my final grades in though…. In the summer, I plan to work between 2-4 days a week. I’m so happy! That means more money to spend on decorating the house (that I’m hoping we find). Continue reading

5 Things: Social Networks I’m Active In

Yelp | http://nikkirosety.yelp.com/
I use Yelp for business reviews. They are most useful for restaurant reviews, but I have used them for doctor and auto shop reviews. I needed my brakes fixed a while ago and I used Yelp to find an awesome auto shop. The owner was friendly and I definitely paid for quality work. The iPhone app is also very user-friendly. Use it and don’t forget to add me! : )

I am an avid Facebooker and I am proud of it. I love being able to share photos and spread positivity on Facebook! I love ‘liking’ peoples’ statuses and congratulating/encouraging them. Furthermore, being that almost all of my cousins from both sides of my family are in the Philippines, it’s a great way to connect. I do not add people I do not know personally on Facebook though since I post many personal photos.

Twitter | http://twitter.com/nikkirosety
I don’t want to fill up everyone’s timeline on Facebook with every single thought that fills my head, so that is why I use Twitter. I update Twitter almost every day and on some days, quite a few times. I check-in (via Yelp) on Twitter a lot more also. Furthermore, I share link to news articles, post what I’m doing/eating, retweet quotes, etc. Follow me @nikkirosety. Continue reading

The Power of Antibiotic Ointment


I got this cut early in 2011 from myself. Yeah, super embarrassing. It was even worse telling people! I couldn’t blame it on the curling iron.

I was leaning my face on my hand at the edge of my bed. My hand slid across the bed and my face simultaneously went downward. Thus, causing my dagger sharp thumbnail to scrape into my skin. I actually found a sliver of skin in my thumbnail afterward. Eww.

Besides looking like I had spit on my forehead for about a week, this ordeal wasn’t too bad. I used Target brand antibiotic ointment and cleaned up the cut 2-3 times a day. I didn’t cover it with a bandage because it wasn’t likely probably wasn’t going to hit anything and reopen. And, cuts heal faster if they are open to air. Just don’t forget the antibiotic ointment, generic or not. I can’t even see the scar now.

Wedding: Choosing to Have a Long Engagement

I can’t talk about being engaged enough lately. I feel excited and pressured all at the same time. It feels so great to not have to hide my reading of bridal blogs or looking at wedding dresses anymore. I’m engaged, so I can look at that stuff without judgement. (Shhh… I’ve been looking at wedding stuff since I was in grade school.) And lucky for you, I will be talking about weddings for a lot longer than I had planned… happily.

Before, I thought couples who were engaged for long periods of time did not really want to be married. I have long thought this, even before I saw the story of Pam and her so-called fiancé on The Office (see photo). If you don’t know the story, you can read a summary or watch the first seven seasons on Netflix.

Source: http://www.eonline.com

It made me think to myself, ‘How could a guy afford an engagement ring and then not have enough money for a wedding? And, if all they wanted to do was get married, a civil ceremony is less than $100.’

I have always told myself and others that I would never want a long engagement. Changing your titles just for the sake of doing so is not admirable, IMO. Honestly, I still rarely call Prentyce fiancé. It just sounds kind of corny and wannabe fancy. Don’t you think? I would always say, “What’s the point of getting engaged if you don’t plan to have the wedding for a few years? Just get engaged later on.” (Can you tell I thought a lot about this before? It is what happens when you have been with somone for years upon years!)

But, my outlook on engagements has changed and for many reasons. I didn’t get to choose when I got engaged. If I did, it would have probably in late 2012, but then, it would not have been a surprise. I think that people nowadays choose when to have a wedding and then get engaged after. It is backwards to me, but the modern woman can be choosy and fierce.

It means so much to call Prentyce fiancé, but we are not ready for a wedding. He tells me all the time that he could marry me tomorrow and that we don’t have to wait. I haven’t completely agreed or disagreed in regards to his proposition, but I would still want a wedding later on. It’s a personal choice, but I want the whole shebang — the bridal/bachelorette shower, the ceremony, the reception, and the honeymoon.

I’m so glad Prentyce got into his career straight out of college, but in essence, we (mostly me) are still broke. Financially, right now (or even within a year), it would not be financially smart to pay for a wedding. I don’t plan on having a Kardashian wedding, but I still want it to be a day to remember. Plus, I don’t want Prentyce to pay for it all. I never made him pay for our prom by himself and I’m not planning on doing so with our wedding either. And, most importantly, we are NOT going into debt for a wedding! Continue reading