He’s bad, he’s bad… You know it!

Karaoke series continued! Sorry this is so late (about two months), but it just had to be added. This was probably the funniest karaoke performance I have ever seen, seriously. Anthony makes a great entertainer; just watch the video!

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

For Prentyce’s 21st birthday, I threw him a surprise party. It was super fun and all the best friends came and stayed to hang. We ate, played games, and sang happy birthday. But, the funnest part was karaoke!

I didn’t think Jeremy would even do one song, but he did quite a few. This is his first and best song. He actually scored the highest out of everyone. This is a first of my karaoke series.

Thanks again to everyone that came to celebrate. And no worries, your karaoke video will be on YouTube soon too! =) Haha!