We’re getting our house painted!

We are finally painting our house. And, by we, I mean we are hiring someone to do it! Yay! 

We chose a seven colors from Sherwin Williams and will be selecting winners tonight! Doesn’t this remind you of 50 Shades of Grey? Hehe.

Wish us luck! 

Update 4/2/17:

We chose these colors. I’ll update with the finished product once we put all our stuff away.

Light French grey for the master and guest bedroom. Zircon for the whole house.

Aqueduct for all three bathrooms.

Tame teal for our son’s nursery.

This is ur accent wall in the great room. I can’t think of the color right now, but we purchased it at Lowes.

My DIY Disney Celebration Buttons!

I got the idea for creating my own Disney celebration buttons while browsing through Instagram. The best part after that was finding free templates on WDWPrepSchool.com. Then, it was on like Donkey Kong!

These *FREE* templates are so great. They make it so easy to make your own celebration buttons if you have some basic Photoshop skills. There are two ways to go about it once you have your design: you can get them officially made via a website like Artscow.com or Zazzle.com OR you can print it out and put it in a blank button holder. There are small and large blank ones available at Michaels that are not too expensive. I chose to have them made by Artscow.com because I wanted them to look more professional.

Before I tell you about my Disney buttons, I made two specifically for Universal Studios.

We loved the Ant-Man movie, so I made this one. I got the idea from an Instagram user named @wickedandco. She sells some very cool pins if you don’t want to make your own. Unfortunately, Ant-man does not meet at Marvel Superheroes Island in Universal Studios. ☹️

My favorite part of Universal Studios was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. So of course, #squadgoals.

The Goofy Movie is one of our favorite movies. Seriously, if you have not watched it, I don’t know what’s wrong with you or maybe you were born after 2000. The songs in this movie are so great. I listen to them even now that I’m 30. This is the Goofy button I designed and ordered. I attempted to make a Powerline badge, the musical group in the Goofy movie, but I couldn’t find a good image to use. Sorry, I couldn’t find this one to take a pic of. 🙁

I don’t watch scary movies, but I do like Disney villains. They are so badass. #squadgoals

I’ve liked Winnie the Pooh for a long time so I made this one.

I made a ‘Just Married’ badge featuring Carl and Ellie from the movie Up. This button didn’t get as many compliments as the honeymoon button that was customized with our picture on it. I now wish I would have made another one saying newlyweds with our photo.

Lastly, my most favorite badge that I made was our honeymoon badge. We did go on our honeymoon pretty late, but we did have to recoup from all that wedding spending we did. The best part about this badge is that it has a picture of us from the wedding! I wish I would have made a different kind with the picture of us facing forward, but people still figured out it was us.


1. Wear them always! We got some pretty cool and free things with our Honeymooners one, especially at Universal Studios. We got told about special tours, we got to cut in line, and we got extra butter beers – just to name a few! Everyone has buttons at Disney World – I think we got more free stuff at Universal Studios because not as many people wear buttons. The biggest gift we got was the special treatment in the Wizarding World, that included a free Harry Potter custom video, custom Harry Potter badges, and printed photos!

2. They are great conversation starters, both with employees and other park-goers. We made some friends in line and on rides!

3. If you want to wear multiple ones, get a lanyard. If you get Photo Connect at Universal Studios, you will get a free lanyard, but only one. You have to pay $5 for the other one. Or, if you are smart, you will just bring one from home and remember to put it in your park touring bag. But, I don’t recommend wearing more than two. This will give people too much to read and won’t know what to say to you! We wore a lot during the first few days and slowly dwindled it down.

4. Don’t forget the free buttons you can get from theme park guest services. We got the following buttons: first visit, happily ever after, etc. Sometimes, when you are just walking down Main Street in Magic Kingdom in the morning, they will just give them out. You can also get some from the concierge at your WDW Hotel. If you want multiple copies of one, just don’t wear yours and ask for another. Don’t feel bad about getting more than one, they are Disney World, they won’t run out and you’ve already spent thousands and thousands of dollars.

5. Lastly, I advise you to get custom ones! They are sooooo cool. ?

Our Experience on Disney’s Wild Afrika Trek Tour

There are a ton of tours available by Disney. I chose the Wild Afrika Trek tour because of a video that I saw on the Disney World Facebook page that highlighted the tour experience. It looked so amazing. And in all honesty, my tour was just as amazing, if not more, than that video.

Please note: I spelled Africa with a K in this entire post to make it look cooler. I know how to spell, I promise.

You have to schedule it in advance, we went in the winter and scheduled it just a few weeks before our trip. Even then, we still did not get the exact date and time that we wanted. Everything worked out in regards to planning since I had a few weeks to move things around. In the summer, I’m going to assume, that you will have to book way in advance.
Now, on to the fun stuff!

This is us getting suited up in our gear. These harnesses are legit. They even gave us a little hook for our cell phones so that we could bring them while trekking. We also got badges and water bottles.


badges and bottles

These were our tour guides. They were awesome and so knowledgeable. I fell in love with them already even before the tour got started.


We first walked through a trail and then through part of the “forest”.



We crossed the two bridges with ease. It was a little bit scary, to be honest, but they do make it very safe. They took some great photos of us while walking the bridge.





We were able to encounter quite a few animals, including hippos, alligators, giraffes, just to name a few. They say that the animals are more active in the morning, our tour was at 12:30 PM, and the animals were still pretty active at that time. But, we did go in early December and the average high at that time when we went was about 70 to 75°.

We got in the little Safari jeep and got a personal safari tour. We were able to stop, unlike the Kilimanjaro Safari ride, which we ended up not riding because we got the real tour instead.


We got to eat a very lovely meal. I put the flower in my hair after the meal, and Andy, the tour guide, teased me about having food in my hair. That was funny. I regret not eating that flower now.

The best part about this trip was that we got to experience something new together. The second best thing was that the weather was perfect. It wasn’t too hot and there was a light breeze.

Not that they will ever read this, but special thanks to the photographers and tour guides for this tour! I’m a picture fanatic and I was satisfied with the quality and style of the photos.

If I find the time to update this post with more pics, I will! I have so many! 🙂

How to get a discount on tour?

We paid approximately $400 for the both of us for this tour. You could’ve gotten a discount if you had used your Disney Visa card and if you booked in the late afternoon. For my next trip to Disney World, I’m definitely going to have a Disney Visa card!


My DIY Minnie Mouse Ears!

Ever since Prentyce and I decided that we were going to go to Walt Disney World for honeymoon, I became obsessed with creating Minnie Mouse ears. They are just so cute and you can get so creative with them, plus I love DIY projects! I decided to do a post about them since I get asked about them a lot (mostly by my Disney lovin’ coworkers).


We were originally going to go to Orlando in early September. Our plans changed due to a very unfortunate family situation. So, our trip was canceled the minute we landed on Orlando. We flew right back. I had made ears for my trip at that time, but since we then decided to reschedule our trip to early December, I had to go and make some new Minnie ears and actually fix some of the ones that had already broken while I was traveling.

Tip: Put them in your carry-on in a plastic bin (if you can). I used a large Iris latching bin and bubble wrap. This may not happen to you, but they were damaged in my check-in luggage.

One of the two ears I added due to our December trip were my wreath ears with small little Christmas lights. My husband actually offered to make these light up for me with his electrical engineering skills, but it was too late at that time. I regret not letting him do it now; they would’ve looked so cool at the Very Merry Christmas Party. For this, I actually used the wired green thing they give you to wrap around your artificial Christmas tree to keep it from opening. I’m sure this is something you will be able to find at a craft store during the holidays. The small Christmas lights were from Michaels. The silver bow I ordered online here!


The second set of ears I added were my Frozen themed ears. This was one of my faves because turquoise is my favorite color! I use wired white tinsel (with snowflakes!) that I got from Hobby Lobby to create the circular ear pattern. I think I got it for less than $2 around Christmas time. Since they were wired, they stayed in the circular shape! The sequin bow I made from sequin fabric at Joann’s. I only purchased 1/8 of a yard (less than $3) to make the sequin bow!


Now, on to the other ears I made for the trip! I made so many because I knew I wanted a different pair to wear every single day. I tried to match them with my outfits too. That didn’t always pan out, but I tried. I also picked ears for the day depending on what park we were going to or character meet we had planned.

Note that I created my Minnie ears on my own. I adore DIY and I love personalized things, but, if I was a baller, trust and believe I would’ve bought some ears from Etsy. There are amazing ears out there! But, for now, just look at mine and be amazed. Start your expectations low, okay? Just kidding. Maybe.

Up ears – My absolute favorite Disney movie is now Up. Who doesn’t love a love story? Everything about this movie makes me feel so good. I wish I could’ve met Carl at Disney World, but he is not a regular character meet there. I did, however, meet Dug and Russell in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I told my husband that if I had to choose one character meet, it would have been this one. I used felt (cut in shapes), fuzzy balls, and yarn to make these ears. The bow was purchased online here. The bow on these years are smaller than most of my other ears because I wanted the balloons and clouds to not be covered up.


Baymax ears – I wore these on the day that we were exploring Tomorrowland. Unfortunately,  Baymax does not have a meet and greet at Disney World. The bow was ordered from here and the Baymax pieces are from here. They were keychains that I cut up and glued on my ear parts.


Floral ears – These are very popular online; they are one of the easiest ears I made. There are a few YouTube tutorial videos on how to make these! They were not very expensive either. I put a crown on this one instead of a bow, cause I didn’t want it to block the flowers. You can buy this little crown (it’s a tiara clip) here or at an accessories store like Claire’s.


Pearl bow ears – I used a $1 flower girl/toddler dress I found at Goodwill for the fabric of the stress. I purchased the pearl bow online here. I don’t have a photo of me wearing these ears because I forgot to wear them on the trip! Grrr.


Fuzzy animal print ears – These were some of the hardest ears to make for two reasons. It was really hard to cut the fuzzy material (fur got everywhere!) and they were the first ears I made so, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. I got the fuzzy material in the felt section at Michaels. The bow was purchased online here.


Polka dot ears – I got the polka dot fabric from a craft store or Walmart; I can’t remember exactly. I just know that it was in their $1 scrap fabric section. I purchased the red sequin bow online here. (Sorry for the low quality photo!)


Fluffy lace ears
– I made these using sleeves from a lace shirt I found at Goodwill for $1. The sequin bow was purchased online here.


Floral print with lace bow ears – I used fabric found in the fabric section at either Walmart or Michaels. I think it was only $1, because it was a small piece of fabric, maybe 12 x 18″ in size. I made the lace bow using a lace headband for infants (from here). I just cut it up and put it in a bow shape. I wouldn’t do this again, because I think the bow is way too small. Plus, it kept drooping forward because the lace was soft and that looked tacky.


Ariel clam shell ears – These are one of the last ears I made. I think I hesitated and waited so long because I didn’t know how I was going to achieve the clamshell look. I used foam and outlined a clam shell image on it with a purple marker and then cut it out. I found the miniature forks at Dollar Tree; they are supposed to be for appetizers. The bow was purchased online here.

And, that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed all the pictures and info. I’ll be creating more posts on this topic, including tips on DIY. Have fun creating your ears! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


5ive List: Universal Studios Orlando Planning


There are not very many websites dedicated to planning your Universal Studios Orlando trip. The ratio of Disney World to Universal Orlando planning websites is at least 100 to 1, if not more.

I know that I’m only a first timer for both WDW and Universal, but I felt like I need to write this article because Universal Orlando doesn’t get the love that it so very much deserves! My husband and I had an amazing time there!

1. Find Pinterest boards

There are a ton of pins on Pinterest about Universal planning! Search ‘Universal Orlando’ or ‘Harry Potter Wizarding World’.

2. Podcasts

There aren’t very many good podcasts dedicated to Universal Studios Orlando planning, but you will find some episodes dedicated to Universal on Disney World podcasts! When you find a Disney World podcast, look at their episode list to see if they mention Harry Potter World or Universal Studios Orlando. They can can give you some decent tips in regards to getting there and back if you’re also going to Disney World and comparisons between the two parks.

3. Use Undercover Tourist.

The best things from Undercover Tourist that I used for Universal Orlando were the following:

a) Map – it is easy to read and understand; I wish I could make graphics this nice!
b) Touring plan – the 2-day plan was the one we used as a template
c) Crowd calendar – this helped me decide which park to go to on which days; very useful

P.S. I have heard that Undercover Tourist is a reliable seller for tickets, but I purchased my tickets from TicketsAtWork.com through my job’s affiliation.

4. Download apps before you go! 

Use an app to track wait times! The app made by Universal Orlando is not the best, I would recommend Magic Guide for Universal Orlando. I only used the free version. I used the app to track wait times mostly in the afternoon and early evening, the wait times were very minimal for us early birds!

I also used an app for weather called AccuWeather. They have a MinuteCast feature that will let you know rain is coming, e.g. “Rain in 60 minutes.” This will help you plan accordingly! Luckily for us, we went in the beginning of December and didn’t encounter much rain.

Undercover Tourist also has a nice app! The layout is decent and very modern.

P.S. Don’t forget to have adequate memory on your phone for pics! I backed up to Google Photos while on the trip nightly.

5. Create your own touring plan and use it as your screensaver!

We had a four-day park hopper at Universal Studios Orlando. Since our flight got in late on arrival day, we were not able to go to the park, so we only did a total of 2 1/2 days. This was enough time for us to get to see and do most of everything we wanted. We could’ve stayed more, but I only would have used that extra time to guzzle down some more butterbeer.

Here are photos of my touring plan. (These are sized for an iPhone 6 wallpaper. To size it to your phone’s dimensions, you will need to adjust the size of your Microsoft Word document.)

Some things to note about our touring plan:

  • We are two adults that can move fairly quickly, so we were able to get a ton done in a short period of time (e.g. less potty breaks too)
  • We woke up early for the first two days for Universal Orlando and were there for rope drop (which was about 20-30 minutes before the scheduled opening time); the last day we took our time
  • We didn’t stay at a Universal Orlando resort, it was too pricey! We stayed at a La Quinta that was literally 5 minutes away! We were able to get up later and go home sooner because it was so close!
  • I knew I wanted to meet characters
  • We paid extra for the Photo Connect plan, which is why it is referenced on our touring cards
  • We did all the water rides at once (with ponchos that didn’t really help)
  • We were flexible, so if we rode or did something the day before or needed to ride it the next day, I just edited my touring plan on the Microsoft Word app on my phone and saved a new screenshot of the plan
  • We did a ton the first day, we had so much energy since it was day 1 of our 10-day honeymoon. Instead of doing more, I wish we would have slowed down because I ended up getting horrible and painful blisters!
  • We didn’t wait for any ride for longer than 20 minutes
    • A few of our longer waits were: Grinchmas (45-60 minutes wait – it was opening day), meeting the Grinch, Raptor Encounter, and Poseidon’s Fury show
  • The numbers in the parentheses after each attraction (on my touring cards) is how long the attraction is, i.e. (7m).  I got these values from TouringPlans.com
  • The colors mean something: black for rides/shows; orange for Harry Potter stuff; and purple for meet & greets. Lastly, pink is for snacks, which is the most important part! ?
  • Remember, not everything will go according to plan! But, you’re an adult and you already knew that!





I hope you guys find this useful. Good luck with your planning! I’ll be posting more planning posts soon!