My Experience: Selling To Carmax


This month, I finally said goodbye to my very first car. It was a 2003 Hyundai Accent, a pearl white 2-door hatchback. (I have no idea what that entire car description meant… I just copied it from the website. LOL. Just kidding.) It has been paid off for a long time, but the car was getting old. I would have had to spend $600+ to repair it last summer just so that it would pass a smog check. I decided not to and it had a check engine light (still). On the other hand, I have never got into an accident with it, seats were in good condition, A/C was working, etc.

I chose Carmax because it’s what my parents suggested. (Listen to your parents kids.) The process is really quick and quite easy. I walked in and found someone to appraise my car. They took my car keys and I told them which car was mine. They sat me down in a booth and asked me just a few questions about the car, like if I was ever in an accident and if it was already paid off. They also asked if I was looking for a new car and I said, “No, not right now.” I told them that the check engine light was on, but he (the guy helping me out) said the appraiser would see that and assess it. The whole process took about 20 minutes.

After the appraisal, he gave me a sheet of paper that rated my car in ‘Good Condition’ with my quote on it. I checked Kelly Blue Book for the trade-in value of my car before going and Carmax was offering to pay fairly. I was a happy girl! They DID NOT rip me off. Yay! I went home and didn’t actually sell my car that day. Your quote is good for 7 days; after that, they will have to reappraise your vehicle. I came back to Carmax the very next day. Continue reading