Better file your taxes today…

Taxes are due TODAY people, you better file on time… or at least ask for an extension. It is an amazement to me that people wait this long to file taxes… Ha, just kidding. I’m lazy too sometimes and will do much of anything to procrastinate. I think I had Turbo Tax on hand for about a month before I even installed it..

But, any who… I can’t believe that people who have very simple taxes (one job, don’t own a a property, have some kids) choose NOT to do taxes on their own using software like Turbo Tax. It really makes me want to ask them, “What are you afraid of?” Especially since you have to pay more to have someone at H&R Block do it for you. On the other hand, Turbo Tax costs $40 and the whole family can use it (+$20 for the e-file). Also, if you don’t want to pay for the software, the free edition is available online

Hopefully I can sway you to save money by using Turbo Tax. Here are 10 reasons I like Turbo Tax Deluxe.

  1. Transfer information from your last year’s tax return, which means less stuff to fill out
  2. Ability to e-file (for a fee); no need to print and bring to the post office
  3. Ability to save tax return as .pdf
  4. Step by step; walks you through your entire form w/ yes and no questions
  5. Thorough, easy to understand information
  6. Decides what form you need to fill out for you
  7. Ability to see how your tax return numbers compare to others in America
  8. Helps you file an extension (but I never needed to)
  9. More than one person can use Turbo Tax to file their taxes (separate e-files applies)
  10. Windows and Mac compatible