Estimate the cost of a gas for a trip

I can almost TASTE Spring Break… just this week and TADA! The week off should be nice. Prentyce and I are planning to go to Salt Lake City, Utah to visit his cousin Joe and Joe’s fiancé Erika.

Joe and Erika Johnson
Joe and Erika

Since he was so late in telling of these plans… I could not get any of the airfare specials that Southwest was offering. Bummer!

So, I’m guessing we are gonna drive, unless something better comes along.

AAA Trip Gas Price

I found this neat website that calculates the cost of gas for your trip. You need to input the following:

To and from locations
Make and model of the car that will be used
Year of the car that will be used

Then hit ‘Calculate.’ The data generated that gas will cost me $100 round trip, which doesn’t sound right. It sounds way under than what I expected. My guess is around $150, plus the six and a half hour drive! Ugh.

Knotts Berry Farm… the coolest rides ever!

Knotts Family Photo 2007

So after about a week and half back from Hawaii, a family trip was due to California and you know we had to go to at least one theme park. Knotts Berry Farm was really cool. I’m so mad I didn’t get to ride all the rides, but the ones I did ride were so fun! They had some really unique ones, especially Rip Tide (watch clip). The Perilous Plunge was a really short ride, but so worth the wait! You get so soaked! The best ride though was the Super Scream! It is like 200+ feet up and it drops you down at like 50 mph. The best rush of my life…. It was even funner with family there! They even invited Princess (Prentyce)! We got really great pictures from the trip from the park photographers.

As for the theme park, you definitely need two days to enjoy it all and I haven’t heard of this park closing down so I’m definitely planning a trip for next year. A lot of people say that Six Flags is better, and although it is really fun there because of the big adult rides, it is always so busy and most of the rides are roller coasters… everytime I go, I only get to ride like 4 rides the entire day! Anyways, what a fun trip. I’m actually still in California blogging this and probably won’t be coming back ever… hehe, just kidding.

Hawaii… damn near the best trip ever!

Wow people… Hawaii was everything I needed! It was so great! Water was perfect, weather was on point, food was delicious… life was so good for those nine (was it 10?) days… we went to the beach damn near everyday and I came out with a damn good tan even though I didn’t mean to. We did so many things on this trip… We went snorkeling and I saw lots of cool fish and even two turtles, one was really big too, like two feet long! Our visit to the Aloha swap meet, where I probably spent close to $150, was super! Shopping there was at its finest, even though the 4-story Ala Moana Mall was nice too. The hotel we stayed at was decent — some crazy nights there, lol. I met a new friend (hey Chris!) and bonded with the ones I already. All in all… it was so worth all the money I spent. I got a lot of souvenirs, but I just feel like keeping them all… sorry. I am so lucky that I got to experience Hawaii better than any other tourist because Nicole was a local. THANK YOU NICOLE! I LOVE YOU! Mahalo. Aloha. Shee-shee. Hehe.

Hawaii 07 - At Nicole’s BBQ